Internship Experience of a Chemical Engineering Student @ IOCL, Digboi Refinery, Assam: Great learning experience out of my comfort zone!

By: Usha | 02 Aug 2019 3:59 PM
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Name, College, Course, Year

Anjali Agarwala, Assam Engineering College, Chemical Engineering, 3rd year.


Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Digboi.


24th June 2019 to 23rd July 2019.

Reasons for Applying

Being a 3rd year student, it is compulsory for all of us to do a summer internship in any refinery of Assam in order to gain practical knowledge of various theory subjects. So, I was introduced to the world of training and internships by my College.

I decided to undergo my summer internship in IOCL, Digboi. As I am doing Chemical Engineering, I always wanted to know, how and when will I be able to convert my theoretical knowledge for the benefit of society. In life, only practical knowledge matters. It is because unless and until we are able to relate our bookish knowledge with practical knowledge, we will be unable to understand anything.

In my internship, I tried to relate everything that I had learnt in my previous three years of chemical engineering. Before doing this internship, lots of questions were going in my mind like:

  • What is the purpose of this internship?
  • Will I be able to learn anything?
  • Why this internship is only for one month?
  • Will I be able to relate my theory knowledge with practical knowledge?
  • Am I deserving enough to do an internship there?
  • Will this be the right place for doing my internship?

These questions have really bothered me, but then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath thinking about the pain that my parents had undergone for my upbringing. I am from a village where girls are not given the freedom to prove themselves, but my parents had always supported me. So, thinking about all their sacrifices I decided to face reality and to complete my internship with flying colours.

Benefit of doing internship in IOCL, Digboi

IOCL, Digboi is known as the birth-place of oil industry. As my home-town was far away from Digboi, I decided to stay as a paying guest in Digboi. Initially, I was not able to adjust there as I had never travelled alone. But the moment I came out of my comfort zone, I came to know about the hardships and struggle that one has to undergo to live a comfortable life. It was very interesting to know how the transformation of crude to petrol, LPG, Diesel, kerosene etc. occurs.

Famous places of IOCL,Digboi:
  • First of all as we all know that Digboi is the birthplace of the oil industry so the refinery of Digboi is world-famous.
  • There was a museum in Digboi where the devices and model used in our ancient times were stored. The museum was very beautiful and well maintained. There were different types of telephones which was used by the people of oil industry for communication. There were different types of models of HDT,CDU, DCU etc. Really, it was an amazing experience.
Main Tasks

So, my first day started with the registration process in the Learning and Training Department of IOCL, Digboi. We were given a dress code, Safety shoes, helmet to wear. We were asked to give our introduction and then the officers there told us about the things which will be taught to us during this one month of internship.

In my internship, I tried to relate everything that I had learnt in my college. As I am a chemical engineer, my main subjects were Heat transfer operation, Mass transfer operation, Petrochemicals and refinery Products etc. I tried to relate the theories of those subjects with the equipment there.

Are we doing internship just to get a certificate?

I cannot say no directly but saying yes won’t make sense. As I think an internship is not just about getting a certificate, its all about getting some practical knowledge. As we are now at the learning and receiving stage. The more we have the curiosity to learn, the more we will benefit. The only thing which we have to do is to explore ourselves and try to clear our queries as much as possible.


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