Internship Experience of a Computer Science Student @ GoExHub, Gurugram: Excellent Work Environment; Stipend Rs. 5K

By: Usha | 22 May 2019 4:14 PM

GoExHub, Arjun Marg, Gurugram

Duration of the Internship

2 months


10:00 am to 5:00pm

Process of Recruitment

When I applied for the position of a Market Research and Content Creator, I wasn’t expecting a reply given my field of study is Computer Science. However, after the telephonic interview conversing over favourite subjects and the travel market, the recruiter did put me in a better place where I was comfortable in sharing ideas and exploring techniques I had never considered before.

GoExHub is an offset of GoExplore targeting students, helping them to identify their core strengths thereby ensuring that they achieve their dreams as they travel to their favourite destinations.

The interview was scheduled in the first week of June at the office of the parent company (Gurgaon), GoExplore, and to my surprise, the cab drove to a homely office with rich interiors. I have to give it to the employees of the company for making the walls bring out the spirit of their company. The artsy interiors, the warm “vibe”, and the enthusiasm would make you want to work overtime.

Once in for the interview, my manager questioned me about various ethical rules that a travel agency must follow, some protocols like the BS 8848, and a few other questions about my interests and experiences.

Main Responsibilities
  1. To research and analyse the tourism of the various countries and thus, creating itineraries that would offer a wide set of opportunities for students in terms of their hobbies.
  2. Developing SEO optimized content for the website, thereby increasing the traction.
  3. Reaching out to multiple NGOs that would, in turn, be open to partnering with school students for volunteer programs.
Good Things

I worked there for a period of two months, and I have to accept that the space given to you for practising your content creation skills is commendable. Your ideas are respected and encouraged. You feel at home with colleagues and management.

There were always tasks that required management skills and would tickle your interests in a positive light, and though you’d initially assume that the only skills that you’d eventually develop at the end of the two month internship would be content creation, SEO optimization, Market analysis, etc. there’s so much more GoExHub has to offer.

Bad Things

There are deadlines which can be restrictive and work can be monotonous. Also, there is a lack of organisation in some areas which will make you frustrated but not so much for the pros always make up for it.



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