Internship Experience of a Mechanical Engineering Student @ BEML, Bangalore: Gained enormous practical knowledge

By: Usha | 02 Aug 2019 4:35 PM
This is submitted as an entry to the Noticebard Internship Experience Writing Competition.
Name,  Course, Year

Pushpalakshmi N, 4th Year, B.E Mechanical Engineering.


Bharath Earth Movers Limited,  Bangalore. It is one of the leading company in the field of mechanical and it is called “MINI RATNA”. It is a public sector company under the action of Govt of India in the Ministry of defence.

Internship Duration

The exact duration of internship was from June 20, 2019 to July 13, 2019(excluding Sundays), so it 21 days of internship

How I applied

I applied to the internship through an officer, who was working in BEML.

First day formalities

The day for beginning the internship was on 20 June and the reporting time was 9 A,M. I arrived on time and reported to the company HR (Human Resources), who asked me to go to the training department. In the training department, they told me to visit every department and to study the environment of BEML for 3 days, so this was the task given in the beginning.

Main Tasks

We were given sections to visit. There are 48 sections in BEML. Majority of the work in BEML that I observed was all about doing Metro cars for the BMRCL i.e Bangalore Metro Railway Corporation Limited, it is their main contribution.

Other than this they do some of the defence parts, memo trains, broad gauge metro cars, standard metro gauges. Currently they have grabbed the tender of Mumbai Metro.

The work ethic is to strive for the betterment. They have got a lot of objectives, missions which are indeed fabulous for the company growth.

They have 3 shifts from morning to evening. I used to go in the first and second shift to the company.

Good things

BEML follows the principle of First-Focus on the customer, Innovation and technology, Reliability and responsibility, Speed and responsiveness, Trust and teamwork, the principle they adopted is phenomenal. There innovativeness and passion drives so much, which can be seen.

Bad things

Only thing I felt bad is some of the people will not involve in complete work, so efficiency will not be 100%.


None.  I was not there for stipend purpose, It was for industrial training. I  did my internship, but no money was given. But the knowledge I got from BEML is enormous which will help me in my career.


I used to stay in PG near BEML, which was 800 meters away.

Anything else

I would like to express my gratitude for BEML for giving me an opportunity to study and enrich my knowledge in my field, it was really resourceful and informative. The experience made me understand the concept of design, product and helped me to apply in the practical scenario. And in addition to that, I thank everybody whether officers or employee for cooperating with students for giving guidance in every hanger.

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