International Conference on Advances in Internet of Things [May 26-27, Jaipur]: Register by May 5

IITB MSC Digital Society Programme
IITB MSC Digital Society Programme

ICIoTCT 2017

ICIoTCT 2017

The ICIotCT 2017 conference is a platform to discuss advances in Internet of Things (IoT) and connected technologies (various protocol, standards etc.).  This conference will be held at at Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India  on May 26 and 27, 2017.

Researchers are invited to submit papers in the following (but not limited to) topics.

  • IoT Enabling Technologies
    • 5G Networks and IoT
    • IoT Security and Trust
    • IoT and Personal Data Protection
    • IoT Large Scale Pilots and Portability
    • IoT Interoperability and Multi-Platform Integration
    • Software Defined Network (SDN) and IoT
    • Sensor and Actuator Networks
    • IoT Protocols and Standards (IPv6, 6LoWPAN, RPL, 6TiSCH, WoT, oneM2M, etc.)
    • Ultra-low power IoT Technologies and Embedded Systems Architectures
    • Wearables, Body Sensor Networks, Smart Portable Devices
    • Design Space Exploration Techniques for IoT Devices and Systems
    • Heterogeneous Networks, Web of Things, Web of Everything
    • Named Data Networking for IoT
    • Internet of Nano Things
    • Sensors Data Management, IoT Mining and Analytics
    • Adaptive Systems and Models at Runtime
    • Distributed Storage, Data Fusion
    • Routing and Control Protocols
    • Resource Management, Access Control
    • Mobility, Localization and Management Aspects
    • Identity Management and Object Recognition
    • Localization Technologies
    • Edge Computing, Fog Computing and IoT
    • Machine to Machine (M2M)/Devices-to-Devices communications and IoT
    • Industrial IoT and Factory of Things and Internet of Things
  • IoT Applications, Services and Real Implementations
    • Smart Cities, Smart Public Places
    • Smart Home, and IoT-based Building Automation
    • Smart Agriculture and Water Management
    • Smart factories and Industry 4.0
    • e-Health, Assisted Living and e-Wellness
    • Automotive, Intelligent Transport
    • IoT-based Supply Chains
    • Smart Grid, Energy Management
    • Wearables
    • Cyber-physical systems, Context Awareness, Situation Awareness, Ambient Intelligence
    • Collaborative Applications and Systems
    • Service Experiences and Analysis
    • Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services and Production
    • Industrial IoT Service Creation and Management Aspects
    • Crowd-sensing, human centric sensing
    • Big data and IoT Data AnalyticsInternet Applications Naming and Identifiers
    • Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence
    • Cognitive and Reasoning about Things and Smart Objects
    • Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and IoT
    • Horizontal application development for IoT
    • Design principals and best practices for IoT application development
  • IoT Multimedia IoT Societal Impacts
    • Human Role in the IoT, Social Aspects and Services
    • Value Chain Analysis and Evolution Aspects
    • New Human-Device Interactions for IoT, Do-It-Yourself
    • Social Models and Networks
    • Green IoT: Sustainable Design and Technologies
    • Urban Dynamics and crowdsourcing services
    • Metrics, Measurements, and Evaluation of IoT Sustainability and ROI
  • Security and Privacy for Internet of Things
    • IoT Privacy and Security Concerns
    • Identification and Authentication Issues
    • Wireless Sensor Network for IoT Security
    • Intrusion Detection in IoTCryptography, Key Management, Authentication and Authorization for IoT
    • Physical/MAC/Network Attacks in Internet of Things
    • Cross-layer Attacks in IoT
    • Security with QoS Optimization in IoT
    • Privacy based Channel Access in IoT
    • IoT Forensic Science
    • Big Data and Information Integrity in IoT
    • Communication Security in IoT
    • Security Standards in IoT
  • IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios
    • Closing the Gap between Research and Implementation
    • Experimental prototypes, Test-Bed and Field Trial Experiences
    • Multi-Objective IoT System Modeling and Analysis—Performance, Energy, Reliability, Robustness
    • IoT Interconnections Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference
    • Real case deployment scenarios and results
    • IoT Deployment at Government and ISPs
    • IoT Deployment on Agriculture, Retails, Smart Cities, etc.
    • IoT Interconnections among ISPs Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference
    • Gaps Analysis for Real Deployment
    • IoT and Future Internet Architectures
    • Standardization and Regulation

Researchers are required to submit the papers online by creating an account on this page.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

If web submission is not possible, candidates can contact for alternate arrangements.


  • Participants/Attendees/Listeners –  INR 4500
  • Participants/Attendees/Listeners (From RTU or its affiliated colleges or MNIT) including delegates INR 3500

There are discounts offered for registering before May 05, 2017.

For more details, please visit the home page of the conference.

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