International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) 2021 [Cash Prizes Rs. 51k]: Apply by Oct 17: Expired

The International Youth Math Challenge is an international mathematics competition that enables students from all countries to prove their math skills and to unleash their creativity.

Rounds and Process
  • (Qualification Round) The qualification round 2021 consists of five math problems. In order to qualify for the pre-final round, you need to solve at least three (under 18) to four (over 18) of the problems correctly. You can submit your solutions online until 17. October 2021. All participants receive certificates.
  • (Pre-Final Round) Successful participants can register for the pre-final round in October. You have five days to solve 10 problems of the pre-final round. The registration costs are 8 EUR to make this competition possible.
  • (Final Round) Successful finalists can participate in the final round: You will take an online exam supervised by your teacher. The winners receive certificates and cash prizes worth over 700 USD.
Who can participate?
  • In order to participate in IYMC you have to be a high-school or university student. Depending on your age (over 18 years or under 18 years) you will have to solve more problems to qualify for the next round. Students from all grades and all countries are invited to participate!
  • To solve the problems you should be smart, open-minded, and creative. You should have a working internet connection to submit your solution online.
  • For Teachers and Schools: Teachers, parents, and schools are invited to share this opportunity with their students and youths to make talented students in particular benefit from IYMC.

Prizes and Awards

The prizes and awards worth a total of 700 USD which includes cash prizes of 600 USD: All participants (regardless of the results) receive participation certificates to honour their efforts.

In the final round participants receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Honour, depending on the performance. The best students can achieve the 1. prize, 2. prize, and 3. prize as well as special awards for the best students from each region:

Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group
Noticebard WhatsApp - Telegram Group
  1. Prize, Junior150 USD Cash Prize, Special 1. Prize Certificate
  2. Prize, Junior100 USD Cash Prize, Special 2. Prize Certificate
  3. Prize, Junior50 USD Cash Prize, Special 3. Prize Certificate
  1. Prize, Youth150 USD Cash Prize, Special 1. Prize Certificate
  2. Prize, Youth100 USD Cash Prize, Special 2. Prize Certificate
  3. Prize, Youth50 USD Cash Prize, Special 3. Prize Certificate
National AwardsSpecial National Award Certificate (best participant from each country)
All FinalistsBronze Honour, Silver Honour or Gold Honour
All Pre-FinalistsOfficial Participation Certificate
All ParticipantsOfficial Participation Certificate
+ Special Honour for digital Submission
How to Register?

Submit your solution to the qualification round (here) via the official submission form.

  • Clearly mark your final solutions (e.g. underlining, red color, box).
  • The solution file may be typed digitally or it may be a clear picture of your handwritten notes. Digitally typed solutions receive a special honorary note on the certificates!
  • You can upload one single file! If you have multiple pictures, please compress them into one single file.
  • You can upload PDF and image (jpg, jpeg, png) files. They do not accept any other formats (e.g. ZIP or Word files).
  • The file size has to be below 10 MB otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Important: Make sure that you write your name and birth correctly. It will be used for all certificates!

After you have submitted your solution via the submission form, you can log into your status page (here). This status page allows you to:

  • check your status and to check your uploaded solutions.
  • view your results and performance reports of each round.
  • download/access all your certificates.
  • upload solutions for the pre-final round.
  • view your personal information and more.
Registration Deadline

October 17, 2021


Email: submission@iymc.info

Click here to view the official notification for the International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) 2021.

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