International Innovation Corps India Program by University of Chicago: Apply by Oct 31: Expired

The IIC (International Innvation Corps) India Program embeds teams of high-performing young professionals within Indian government, non-profit, and social impact organizations to work on an innovative development project with a discrete, tractable scope for 1-3 year projects.

Project Associates train for 5 weeks in skills required to translate their academic and professional knowledge into on-the-ground contributions.

The IIC embeds each team within a government, non-profit, or foundation office in India to work on an innovative development project with a discrete, tractable scope for 1-3 year projects. The IIC provides on the ground managers and mentors to help teams of Project Associates achieve their projects’ goals.

Who should apply

From Lawyers and Doctors to Researchers, Economists and Entrepreneurs, IIC Project Associates come from all walks of life. It is this diversity that lends IIC its unique flavour. IIC has found that complex development issues benefit from a combination of domain expertise, collaboration and an innovative approach. If you thrive in a culture of rigorous inquiry, are creative and most importantly, passionate about creating social impact, you have the skills they are looking for!

How to apply

Apply online at this page.

Documents required

  1. Resume: It must illustrate your professional experience and education, along with other important elements like key achievements, publications (if any), extracurricular activities, leadership roles held by you and technical skills.
  2. Cover Letter: Please limit the cover letter to a 1 pager with size 12 font and it should focus on the following points
    • What skills do you have that you think are needed to be a successful IIC Project Associate? Please share any experiences that may have allowed you to develop these skills, and explain how they might be relevant to the IIC.
    • Please explain your interest in the IIC, and how it fits into your professional and academic plans.
    • If you have any specific domain expertise or interest, please indicate this in your cover letter.
  3. Innovation Proposal: IIC Project Associates address critical development challenges in complex multi-stakeholder environments, with the ultimate goal of creating innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions. The Innovation Proposal is a chance for you to put yourself in their shoes and demonstrate your problem-solving skills. We encourage applicants to be innovative, creative and solution-oriented in sharing ideas that make India’s most pressing development challenges soluble.


Please write to with any questions about the IIC.

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here.


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