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International Eco-Hero Awards by Action for Nature for Ages 8-16 [Cash Prize]: Apply by Feb 28


Every year since 2003, Action For Nature (AFN), a U.S.-based non-profit, has sought to recognize and reward young people who are taking action to solve the world’s tough environmental problems.

We are proud to honor the work of young people between the ages of 8 and 16 all over the globe who have done creative environmental projects with a cash prize, certificate of achievement, and public recognition.

Who can Apply
  • Have you been working to preserve the world around you?
  • Have you been teaching others how to protect the environment?
  • Have you been doing an environmental research project?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are a Young Eco-Hero. All Eco-Heroes serve as role models, showing others that individuals are important and can make a difference.

How to Apply

To apply online, click here.


The winners receive:

  • Public recognition and media release
  • Cash Prize of up to 500$
  • Certificate of achievement
Application Deadline

February 28, 2020



For more information, click here.

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