International Corporate Retreat ‘Darshana’ by Anaadi Foundation [Rishikesh, Dec 20-25]: Registration Open: Expired


Leading in a VUCA context

An International Corporate Leadership Retreat

Praan Group and Anaadi Foundation

20-24 December 2017

Rishikesh, India

Businesses today are facing volatile and uncertain situations. Business Leaders are recognizing that a linear model of managing organizations is no more effective. Leading the organization with higher intelligence that emerges from reflection, contemplation and meditation can help to manage the complexities that leaders are facing today.
In the Indian context, the third eye is the command center and the seat of intelligence, intuition and perception. Awakening this intelligence has been core to the Indian tradition to achieve clarity of thought, vision and perception.
This carefully designed International retreat program, orgnized by Anaadi Foundation and Praan Group, Netherlands, with an Indic approach, will provide entrepreneur, intrapreneur, CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, or executive professionals with frameworks, tools and practices to Understand the purpose of their life, set clear organizational goals, handle VUCA challenges and manage their teams and organizations effectively.
International corporate retreat Darshana
The Program
The program will commence at 9.30 am on 20 December 2017 and conclude at 7.00 pm on 24 December 2017. The retreat is an experiential program that blends :

  • Talks
  • Group Activities
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Active Discussions and Mentoring
  • Local Tours
  • Self-Reflection and QA

Understanding VUCA problems: Volatility, Uncertainity, Complexity and Ambiguity define the current business situation in the world today. Lack of proper understanding of these challenges can lead to ineffective and inefficient solutions. Hence developing a in-depth and personalized understanding of VUCA can help organizational heads design solutions that can have long-term impact.
Exposure to Yogic Practices and Meditation: Ability to deal with complex situations depends on the depth of perception one has and that depth comes through a systematic process of cultivating and developing higher intelligence. Globally people have started to recognize the importance and impact of Yogic practices and meditation in bringing the necessary physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual transformation.
Learning from the Third-Eye: To combat VUCA challenges, a uni-dimensional approach to organizational management and leadership is no more sufficient. Leaders will have to deepen their understanding and perception of reality: what is known as the awakening of the third eye.
Program Topics

  • Understanding VUCA from an Eastern and Western Perspective
  • Personal and Organizational Self-Reliance
  • Understanding the true purpose of self and the organization
  • Indic Frameworks of Decision-Making
  • Yogic and Meditative practice for higher intelligence

Who can Attend?

  • Business Leaders
  • Organizational heads and managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • NGO Leaders
  • Education Leaders

Kindly fill the application form given here.
You will be receive further information on registration and payment via email.
Registration Fee
Indian Nationals : Rs. 40,000
International Participants: EUR 750 / 850 USD
*There would be additional charges of about Rs. 2000 / 30 EUR for travel from Delhi to Rishikesh and Back (Shared Basis).
India Tulip, a subsidiary of Praan Group can help with Visas for International delegates.
Program Fee includes Accommodation, Food, local travel in Rishikesh. Participants will receive relevant books.
International Participants
Wim Keizer, +31 621825260
Indian Participants
Anaadi Foundation, +919487006160

For further details, visit the official website link given here.


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