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The businesses have grown leaps and bound in the last two decades. There is the growth of new businesses in all over the world. These new businesses are giving competition to the existing businesses in every area of the business field.

To discuss on the issues related to innovative business practices and need for growing the completive edge in business, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior finds it as an honor to invite Academicians, Research Scholars, Industry Executives, and Student to discuss various problems and present paper(s) related to the field of Marketing Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Social Sciences and other Contemporary Issue by participating in three  day International Conference going to be held in Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior, M.P., India, from December 28 -30th 2019.

  • The main objective of this conference is to encourage domestic and international communication and collaboration by bring together the distinguished panel of speakers, leading academicians, researchers and research scholars from renowned institutions and universities, industrialists from across the globe, to exchange and share their experiences and research results.
  • To identify recent trends used by business firms for their growth and also to identify the innovative strategies used by the industries to enhance their competitiveness.
Call for Papers

Original papers in the following areas are invited:-

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Innovation in Business Intelligence
  3. CSR Model
  4. HR Accounting
  5. Corporate Restructuring
  6. Business Model Innovation
  7. Green Banking
  8. Risk Management in Banks
  9. Financial Inclusion
  10. Forensic Accounting

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Phone Number: +91-94253-36448, 0751-4097021

Email ID: gaurav.jaiswal@prestigegwl.org

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