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CfP: Inter-College Undergraduate Seminar in Sociology at Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi [March 2020]: Submit by Jan 15

The Department of Sociology, Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi is conducting an Inter-College Undergraduate Seminar on the subject The Promise of the Urban?  in the last week of March 2020.

Call for papers

The city has been for long a major site for producing critical knowledge about social life.  Urban spaces constitute one of the many levels where social actors and institutions interact, construct and represent their lives. The city represents different hopes for those who inhabit it. The arguments of urban sociologists on the relation between cities and social lives have been sharp and stimulating. The key debates has been to understand whether ‘urban’ constitute a separate distinct and autonomous domain of methodological inquiry or it remains embedded within the larger social, economic and political structures. In other words, urban sociology is oriented to explore whether the urban is an independent variable, sui generis, giving life to an analytically distinguishable way of life, or it actually shaped by the wider social, economic and political processes.

The Urban Studies Inter-College Undergraduate Seminar seeks to be a space for such discussions and investigations. We believe that undergraduate students of the social sciences have a rich experence from which to embark upon the suggested investigations even as they come into the city from diverse backgrounds and learn to negotiate it as young urban dwellers. We invite participation from students across colleges and universities in Delhi/NCR. Proposals may include the study of relationships and linkages between urban spaces and social lives to focus on, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Transformations in land markets and land governance in recent urban planning.
  • Social histories of urban transportation, technological changes, and spatial mobility, spatial congestion.
  • Urban aspirations and urban anxieties and implications for collective behaviour, identity formation and reformation,
  • Urban as site of resistance and contestation
  • How does the creation of new consumption-based cultures in the city generate aspirations that may contradict earlier lifeways?
  • What is the relation between professional space and domestic space in cities?
  • Do festive celebrations such as prabhat pheris, jagrans, jalsa, azaan, muharram processions produce spatial claims and contest social and moral boundaries?
  • Do family, caste, gender and religion play a role in constructing new ‘urban’ moralities?
  • Urban capitalist development and rural-urban migration patterns
  • Investiating the city through the visual. The topic invites student work that could be based on a combination of written sociological argument and multi-media such as film/sound/photographic elements capturing the urban experience(s).

Abstract Submission

Abstracts not more than 500 words for the Inter-College Undergraduate Seminar should be sent to latest by 15th January 2020.

Selected abstracts would be expected to send in the full length paper (7500-8000 words) by last week of February 2020.


For any further queries, you may write to

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