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An ICWA fellowship represents a generous investment in a fellow’s future. The ultimate aim of the ICWA fellowship program is to cultivate deep expertise in foreign countries and cultures. We achieve that by supporting fellows over two-year periods during which they carry out immersive programs of self-designed, independent study abroad.


  • Language Skills: The ICWA fellows expected to have the necessary language skills to allow to them to carry out their proposed project. Candidates proposing to go to China, Russia, Indonesia, India or Brazil, for example, should have proficiency in Chinese, Russian, Bahasa, Hindi (or another relevant language) or Portuguese.
  • Criteria for Consideration: Candidates must be under 36 years of age at the time of the due date for the initial letter of interest.
  • Restrictions: Fellowships are not scholarships. We do not support degree programs at universities, the writing of books or research projects aimed at answering specific questions in a particular academic discipline.

Fellowship Activities: Fellows are required to write monthly newsletters made available through our website to institute members and other interested parties, including family, friends and professional associates of the fellows. While the institute has funded and will continue to fund artists, performers and others who find various ways to participate in the societies they study, the immediate fruits of fellows’ learning are communicated principally through writing.

Financial Support: The institute provides full financial support for its fellows and their immediate, accompanying families. “Full financial support” does not mean that ICWA provides a salary or stipend to its fellows.

How to Apply?

Those interested in applying for an Institute of Current World Affairs Fellowship should send an initial Letter of Interest and a resume or CV to the institute via email.

Application Deadline: June 15, 2018.


Institute of Current World Affairs
1779 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 605
Washington, DC 20036

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