1st Indian Women General Assembly 2018 [March 8, New Delhi]: Registrations Open: Expired

The 1st Indian Women General Assembly 2018 will be held at New Delhi on March 8th (IWGA2018).
Since time immemorial, women have been the preservers and nurturers of life. They are responsible for moulding, creating and shaping citizens. Women are the torch-bearers of the nation. Mothers raise citizens, be it men or women, who are equally responsible for the sustainable development of any nation. However, women have not been given their due status in the society. They have not been accredited with the appreciation they deserve.
Today, India has emerged as the epicentre of all atrocities, discrimination and sufferings which women are subject to. A woman is a survivor of war. The war starts from the womb itself and does not end even after death. It is heartening to note the number of women who have not been able to see the light of day or they were just murdered.
Forum of Financial Initiatives- India and her partners and sponsors are honoured to organise the Indian Women General Assembly 2018. The main aim of IWGA 2018 is to appreciate women for being the mother of this universe.
The event is scheduled to be held on the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018 in Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi. The theme of the event is ‘Appreciating Indian Women for been the mother of nation India’.
Appreciation is the best way to empowerment. Join Us as we pay back little of what we owe Women by jointly saying thank You and celebrate Womanhood.
1.324 billion MARCH4Women2018
We are working tirelessly towards making this platform an effective forum for appreciating Indian Women for the 1st time in History as the Mother of India Nation. A platform to celebrate Indian Women of all background, women leaders, ordinary women from all walks of life such as homemakers, professionals, political representatives, entrepreneurs, and academicians etc to converge on this day to celebrate womanhood.
Kindly fill this form to reserve yourself a seat at the Takatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on March 8th, 2018.
We shall receive your interest and process your SEAT RESERVATION Ticket and send to you on your mobile or emails.
Shweta Azad – Associate Project Director

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