Indian Biological Engineering Competition 2019 by Department of Biotechnology: Submit by Feb 28

By: Srishti Srivastav| 05 Feb 2019 7:38 PM

This competition is to encourage and support student teams from India to participate in the worldwide synthetic biology competition, the iGEM [International Genetically Engineered Machine].

Interested applicants for the Indian Biological Engineering Competition 2019 (iBEC 2019) can check out all of the details on the eligibility criteria, inclusion, exclusion criteria, application procedure below:


The concepts may be received from undergraduate and postgraduate students with a mentor from the same Institution. The team of students applying from a particular institute would be encouraged, though not mandatory.

Broad Parameters That Define A Work As ‘Synthetic Biology’
  • Inclusion Criteria

Rational design of biological components that include construction of standard parts (DNA, RNA, Protein), devices (modules e.g. operon, transcription factor complex) and circuits (pathways/networks).

  • Exclusion Criteria

Standard molecular biology studies that do not map to the rational design approach.

Application Criteria
  • Maximum of 5 member team, including a mentor with credible experience. Overall Budget should not exceed 10 lakhs comprising Consumables, Registration Fees and Travel head. Additional funds, if required need to be arranged from other sources/institute.
  • Proposal based on pre-existing iGEM parts.

For registration, click here.

Last Date for Proposal Submission: Feb 28


For any queries, contact

Dr. Sangita M. Kasture
Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science & Technology
Government of India
Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

For any further information, visit the slide here

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