India Film Project’s 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge [Sep 28-30]: Register by Sep 27: Expired


India Film Project’s flagship competition – Script, Shoot, Edit and Submit your film in a duration of just 50 hours. Your team Size can be 1 to 20 people. Teams can choose any one category to participate – Professional, Amateur or Mobile. The theme will be revealed at the beginning of 50 hours on Sep 28, 8pm.


  1. Professional Filmmaking: Team Leaders who have produced 5 or more films in the past are eligible. Registering for Professional Category requires submission of the link of team leader’s channel/portfolio indicating respective work. Previous work can include short films, advertisements, portfolio films, feature lengths, brand films and documentaries. Registration fees – Rs. 3000.
  2. Amateur Filmmaking: Team Leaders who have produced none, one or two films in the past are eligible for the Amateur Category. Registration fees – Rs. 2500.
  3. Mobile Filmmaking: Mobile category is open for everyone. The films have to be shot on mobile phones only. Mobile cameras should have a minimum resolution of 1080p. Registration fees – Rs. 1500.


Following Awards will be given in these three categories individually – Professional, Amateur, and Mobile Filmmaking.

  • Platinum Film of the year.
  • Gold Film of the year.
  • Silver Film of the year.
  • Bronze Film of the year.
  • Best Film #5 of the year.

How to Register:

Click here to register your team.

Registrations Deadline: September 27, 2018.

For further details on the same, click here.


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