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International Management Institute (IMI) established in 1981, is India’s first corporate-sponsored Business School. IMI follows international standard curricula, which has been enriched in the past, by its academic collaborations with erstwhile International Management Institute, Geneva; Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal, and Manchester Business School, U.K. The school with strong support from the Indian industry has grown into one of the most prestigious business schools in the country and has been consistently ranked amongst the top 15 B-schools in India.

About the Conference

New trends in manufacturing, financial, management, marketing, and supply chain management in the twenty-first century have made a drastic drift in business practices across the global and local markets. The extended version of Industry 4.0 revolution encourages production sharing and reverse innovation tools to grow cost effective and transparent business protected with cyber security. However, the Industry 4.0 is yet to be tested for its efficiency and economic worth.

This conference aims at bringing together the international forum for raising rich discussion on the Industry 4.0 theme and is impact on business-to-business, business-to- consumers, the global-local business imperatives, and towards driving the national economy.

Discussions in the conference would critically analyze the convergence of technology, business practices, public policies, political ideologies, and consumer values for improving business performance at the global-local paradigm in the context of Industry 4.0 developments. This conference would also enrich knowledge and skills on contemporary business strategies towards automation and digitization process in manufacturing, services, and marketing organizations.


  1. Academics, research scholars, and business consultants, mangers of international relations, operations management, marketing strategy formulation, digital marketing, and in-charge of corporate social responsibility.
  2. Top and middle level executives of corporate, SMEs, and public-sector undertaking companies engaged in business-to-consumers and business- to-business operations in products and services sectors.
  3. Government representatives working on economic development, public policies, and industrial relations.
  4. Entrepreneurs, who want to express new insights, share research contributions and discuss best practices.
  1. International Vision on Industry 4.0
  2. Industry 4.0 Management
  3. Economic Systems and Governance
  4. Internet Business Modelling: Innovation and Technology
  5. Globalization, Digital Marketing, and Societal Value
  6. Business Analytics
  7. Multinational Companies and Regional Expansion
  8. Global Business
  9. Strengthening Industrial Markets
  10. Industrial Finance Management

The detailed list of topics is given on this page.

Paper Submission Guidelines
The length of the full papers should not exceed 30 pages in double space. All submissions must be typed double-spaced with 2.5 cm or one-inch margins using 12-point Times New Roman font in a single MS Word file.
All submissions must include a Title, Authors (names, affiliations, e-mails of all authors and a notation (*) of the corresponding author), an Abstract (no more than 150 words) and 3-5 Keywords. Final paper should not exceed 30 pages, including the Abstract, body of the text (Introduction, Theory, Methods, Findings, Discussion, Conclusions and Implications), Tables, Figures and References.
All paper submissions must include a discussion, which addresses the contribution of the author’s work to the advancement of business and business-related science and practice in the Conclusions and Implications section.

All abstracts and full papers must be submitted online at Easy-Chair. The link for submission is here.

Important Dates
  1. Submission of abstracts: August 31, 2018
  2. Decision on submissions: September 15, 2018
  3. Submission of final papers: October 31, 2018
  4. Conference registration: November 01, 2018 onwards
  5. Conference dates: December 07-08, 2018

Phone: Manit Mishra: +91 9437306036

For more information, visit the official site by clicking here.

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