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IIT Madras Technical Fest CEA 2018 [Mar 2-4]: Registrations Open

CEA Fest is the annual technical festival of Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras. It is one of the most prestigious departmental fests in the country. CEA fest is mainly know for its professional discipline that deals with designing, planning, construction and management.
This year CEA fest returns with much more vigour with technical and creative events which will leave you amazed wanting for more. CEA fest will keep you immersed in a wide range of competitions, challenges, workshops and expos that possess a comprehensive understanding of technical elements of Civil Engineering.
This is the place where most brilliant minds of the country converge under the banner of Civil Engineering and gives opportunity to shape and manipulate the world we live in and one can make the best use of this experience.

  • Aquanomics
  • Bon Auto Routier
  • Concrete Challenge
  • Debate
  • Essay Competition
  • Geo Genuis
  • Online Quiz
  • Prabandha
  • Potential Professor
  • Quiz
  • Sustainability Design Challenge
  • Master Builder
  • Modelling
  • En-Code Steel

For more details about the events, click here.

  •  Structural Design Workshop
  • Air Quality Control Workshop

For more details about the workshop, visit here.
For any queries, contact

  • Call: S Ramya: 9940109872
    Sai Nikhil: 9003089628
  • Mail:
For any further information, visit the website here. 

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