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IIT Kharagpur’s Course on Efficient and Low-Loss Antenna Configurations [May 21-Jun 2]: Apply by May 4: Expired

The requirement for efficient and low-profile antennas has fuelled research work in the
development of antenna structures with performances considerably enhanced over traditional antenna structures and methodologies. Metamaterials have played a significant
and dominant role in size reduction and performance enhancement of microwave devices including both antennas and guided wave components.
Current research on microwave techniques and applications increasingly focus on
novel and engineered materials to fulfill the stringent needs of modern communication. In this context, though the concept of opposing phase and group velocities in a periodic structure has been known to the microwave community, the application of the technology to the design of novel microwave devices has been relatively recent.
The course would thus also focus on a comprehensive treatment of the metamaterial technology and design in the realization of efficient guided wave and antenna systems.
Key topics to be addressed:

  • Low Loss Antennas and Guided Structures
  • Planar and Non-Planar feeds to the Dielectric Resonator
  • Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Surface Integral analysis of the Dielectric Resonator Antenna
  • Green’s function analysis of the Dielectric Resonator Antenna
  • Antenna Miniaturization
  • Metamaterial design and analysis
  • Guided Wave Structures with Metamaterials
  • Gain Enhanced Metamaterial Antennas
  • Leaky Wave Metamaterial Antennas
  • Metamaterial Cloaks
  • Microwave Components


  • Teachers of AICTE approved degree level Engineering Colleges as recommended by the Head of the respective Institute/Department. The attached AICTE Approval format should be printed on the college letterhead.
  • B. E. / B. Tech./ M.E./M.Tech./Diploma in Engineering and B. Sc. / M. Sc. or any higher
    qualification in relevant field.
  • Participants from the Industry or Govt. Organizations working in related fields are also eligible.

The fees for the course are given below:

  • Students: Rs. 18,000
  • Teachers/Others: Rs. 25,000
  • Industry: Rs. 40,000

Important Dates

  • Last date for receiving application: May 4
  • Intimation to the applicants: May 7

For any queries, contact

  • Prof. Bratin Ghosh,
    Department of Electronics & Electrical
    Email: bghosh@ece.iitkgp.ernet.in, pandaarabinda@gmail.com
    Phone : +91-3222-283534, 91-9831064495
For any further information, visit here

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