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IIT Kanpur’s GIAN Course on Codes for Distributed Storage [July 1-10]: Registrations Open

About the Course

Distributed Storage Systems (DSSs) are an integral part of modern data centres which support large scale computing applications such as those provided by Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

Essentially this technology has evolved by using inexpensive disks which are then distributed and connected through modern communication networks. Erasure and error correcting codes play a vital role in achieving reliability of the stored data.

Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur supported by MHRD under GIAN (Global Initiative of Academic Networks) is organising a short course on “Codes for Distributed Storage” from July 1-10, 2017. This course combines the basics of error correcting codes and distributed network concepts to illustrate the design principles of this technology.

Target Audience

  • Practicing communications engineers.
  • Graduate students pursuing research in coding theory and communications.
  • Teachers of engineering colleges.

Duration of the Course

July 1 – July 10, 2017

How to Apply?

Registration to this course is a two-step process.

  • Participants will have to first register to the GIAN portal here. It is a one time process. One time Non-refundable fee of Rs. 500/- is to be charged for this service. Please also note that mere registration to the portal will not ensure participation in the course. Please do not confuse GIAN portal registration with course registration. The course participation fee is separate. You are required to apply online using the following steps in the given link:
    1. Apply online for registration.
    2. Fill up the registration form.
    3. Select the course “Codes for Distributed Storage”.
    4. Pay Rs 500/- (non-refundable) through online payment Gateway The candidate has to pay course participation fee as per details given below.
  • Once registered in the portal, an applicant will be able to apply for this GIAN course titled “Codes for Distributed Storage”. The course coordinators will confirm your selection as a participant in due course of time. Once you are selected, you will be informed by email and will be requested to pay the full fees through Demand Draft in the name of “The Registrar IIT Kanpur” payable at IIT Kanpur.

Registration Fees

  • Industry/Research Organizations: Rs. 10000 + 15% service tax (Total Rs: 11500)
  • Academic Institutions (Faculty): Rs. 5000 + 15% service tax (Total Rs: 5750)
  • Academic Institutions (Students): Rs 2000 + 15% service tax (Total Rs: 2300)
  • Academic Institutions (SC/ST Students): Rs 1000 + 15% service tax (Total Rs: 1150)

*Students have to submit a letter from their institute as proof of full time student enrollment. SC/ST students will have to submit the valid Caste/Tribe Certificate.

The above fee entitles participants to attend all the lectures. Boarding, lodging and meal charges are not included in the fees. The participants will be provided shared accommodation in Visitor’s Hostel/Visitor’s Hostel Extension on payment basis.

Participants should also send an email to wireless@iitk.ac.in with their names and details of the bank draft to complete the registration process.

For detailed information about the course, click here.


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