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IIT Indore’s GIAN Course on Network Science [Aug 6-10]: Applications Open

The ultimate goal of network science is to understand, predict and control the actual behavior of complex networked systems. For instance, to mitigate the spread of a disease through a social network, foresee the effect of a genetic perturbation on the activity of a sub-cellular network or quantify the functional resilience of an infrastructure network. Towards this end, the recent years have seen spectacular advances in our ability to accurately map complex social, biological and technological networks.
Our main goal is to teach and engage the students with the state-of-the-art of network science, from the fundamental discoveries on the structure of real-world networks to the most recent developments in predicting their dynamics. At the end of the course the students will acquire the basic tools that will allow them to embark on an academic level research project in the area of network dynamics.Specifically, participants will learn and apply:

  • The foundations of complex systems and their relation to network science.
  • The practical tools to analyze and visualize complex networks – e.g., degree distribution,
    correlation analysis etc.
  • Hands on application of the most common models for network construction.
  • Constructing and analyzing nonlinear network dynamics for biological, social and technological systems.

Course Content

  • Complex systems and networks
  • Characteristics of real world networks
  • Network models and evolution
  • Network dynamics–nonlinear models on networks

Who can attend?

  • You are a graduate students at the Masters, Ph.D. or Postdoc level, or an exceptional
    undergraduate student.
  • You are an open minded faculty from academia, government research institutions, private organizations or industry who wishes to enter into network science.
  • You come from a background of Mathematics, Physics, Computer science, Computational
    biology, Engineering, Brain research, Computational sociology, Data science or similar area.

The registration fees are given below:

  • Industry/Research Organizations: Rs 10,000
  • Academic Institutions (students): Rs 2,500
  • Academic Institutions (faculty): Rs 4,000

For any queries, email:  kumarvrahul16@gmail.com

For any further information, visit here. 

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