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IIT Bombay Summer Internship 2018 in Computer Science [May 16-July 6]: Apply by Feb 12: Expired

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IIT Bombay invites applications for summer internships in Computer Science to be conducted during May-June 2018.
The internship projects develop useful software for IIT Bombay’s initiatives while simultaneously enabling the participants to fulfil summer internship requirements of their respective academic programs.
All the work under the summer internship is released under Open Source. Consequently most of the tools and software environment used in our R&D, are also from Open Source Software(OSS).
You will thus be working on Ubuntu (a variant of Linux), and using Python, YSQL/Postgress, JAVA, GCC and other such packages. Even if you do not have adequate exposure to these, you will get ample opportunity to learn them during your internship. You should be able to learn fast, and are able to meaningfully use what you learn.
You will be engaged for a period of 8 weeks. Your project leader will evaluate your work at the end of the internship. We expect everyone to work hard, and successfully complete the assignments well in advance of the last date.
The eight week internship program generally commences in second week of May and ends in 1st week of July. You have to strictly adhere to this time period. Requests to adjust the time period will not be entertained.
Apply for internship only if you are completing 3rd year in April/May 2018.
Students completing 2nd year, with exceptional academic performance and other achievements may also be considered.
How to register
Register online at this link.
The top four software quota participants who join the internship will get cash award (and certificates) of Rs. 10,000, 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000.
Internship and stay at IIT Bombay involves some expenditure to be incurred by interns. The approximate amounts are:

  • Rs. 6000/- to be paid to the IIT Bombay academic office (Internship Fees)
  • Hostel room rent of approximately Rs 1100/- per month or part thereof (totalling around Rs 2200/- for the internship period)
  • Additional money (around Rs 20/-) per day if you wish to rent a mattress + bucket
  • Approximately Rs 130/- per day for food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the vacation mess
  • Of these, IIT Bombay will pay Rs. 6000/- directly to the institute, on your behalf. You will have to bear rest of the expenses on your own.


Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
  • Last Date of application: Monday, 12th February 2018
  • Intimation of provisional selection of academic quota: Before Monday, 19th February 2018
  • Programming test of academic quota: Sunday, 25th February 2018
  • Confirmation of academic quota selection: Wednesday, 28th February 2018
  • Provisional selection of software quota: Tuesday, 10th April 2018
  • Programming test of software quota: Sunday, 15th April 2018
  • Confirmation of software quota selection: Monday, 16th April 2018
  • Reporting for internship (Tentatively on): Tuesday, 15th May 2018 (for 7+ weeks)
  • Internship begins: Wednesday 16th May 2018
  • Submission of report: One week before end of internship
  • Evaluation: Last week of internship
  • Issuance of certificates: Friday, 06th July 2018 (Tentative)

If you have any query or difficulty related to this website, write to summerinternship@cse.iitb.ac.in.

For full details, visit the official website link given here. 

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