IIST Model United Nations 2019, Trivandrum [Prizes worth Rs. 30K, April 6-7]: Register by March 31: Expired

About the Conference

The IIST Model United Nations 2019 conference will bring together determined delegates to discuss problems of international importance and more importantly, brainstorm solutions for the future with focus in delivering quality debate, interesting committees and an experience worth remembering.

Committees and Agendas
  • United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC): Ensuring privacy by imposing regulations on activities of Intelligence Organisations.
  • Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS):
    • Legal Subcommittee: Defining the accountability of Private Space Enterprises and their role in the Space Industry.
    • Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: Potential benefits of Nuclear Spacecraft Propulsion Technology and an inquiry into the legalization of its usage.
VenueIIST Model United Nations 2019

Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology
Trivandrum, Kerala-695547

How to Register

For Delegate applications, click here.


Phone: 9447188357 (Karthick)

For further information about the conference, visit the facebook page


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