With the growing popularity of positive psychology tools being applied to the organizational context, managing emotions (of oneself and others) is becoming a critical tool for leaders. Emotional Intelligence is increasingly becoming a ‘necessary’ rather than ‘good to have’ skill.

This program will cover a few critical workplace applications of some of the latest findings in positive psychology and neuroscience and discuss ways to use this knowledge to make our own and other’s work experiences more joyful and productive. The basic tenet underlying this course is that happiness and productivity go hand in hand and the presence of one need not preclude the absence of the other

Program Objectives

  • Cultivate a conscious understanding of mental models and how the brain works
  • Get exposed to a basic overview of the field of positive psychology and how happiness at work can increase productivity
  • Learn proven techniques to shift the happiness baseline and have greater control on one’s emotional experiences
  • Learn about emotional intelligence in the context of self management and leadership
  • Learn the fundamentals of appreciative inquiry and its application to organizations and work groups
  • Learn ways to manage personal energy and cope with stress more effectively

Who should attend?

This program will be useful to individuals at any level who are keen on transforming the way they work. Participants who are ready to take responsibility for their experience and progress will benefit the most from this program.

Programme Fee and Payment

INR 76,000/- Residential and INR 70,000/- Non -Residential (+ Applicable GST) per person for participants from India and its equivalent in US Dollars for participants from other countries.

Early Bird Discount:

Nominations received with payments on or before 09-Aug-17 will be entitled to an early bird Discount of 10%.

Early Bird Fee (Residential) INR 68,400/-(+ Applicable GST)
Early Bird Fee (Non-Residential) INR 63,000/-(+ Applicable GST)

Important Dates

  • Last date for registration: 20 Aug, 17
  • Start Date: 30 Aug, 17
  • End Date: 01 Sep, 17
  • Early Bird Discount Date: 09 Aug, 17
For more information, click here to view the programme brochure and click here to visit the official website.

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