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Internship Experience of a Food Engineering & Technology Student @ ICT, Mumbai: Research on Extracting Ethanol from Molasses

By: Usha | 18 Jul 2019 12:32 PM
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Name, College, Course, Year

Hritik Prashant Sonawane, 2nd Year Food Engineering and Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Internship organization and location

Chemical Department, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga East, Mumbai – 400019.

Duration of Internship

15 May 2019 to 30 June 2019

Internship Experience

At the end of the First year, I made a plan not to waste time during summer vacations so I decided to apply for a summer internship in my institute.  I made an application to my college professor Pandit A.B. (U G C Scientist C). In our first meet, they granted my request to do my internship in the Chemical Engineering department and appointed PhD Guide Nilesh Jadhav who was working on a project on Extraction of ethanol from molasses using hydrodynamic cavitation.

After hearing this, I was a bit confused about this topic so my PhD guide told me to read literature on molasses, ethanol within one day. So, the whole day I  tried my best to find information about the given topic, prepared a report and mailed it to my PhD guide Nilesh Jadhav sir. This literature reading, writing notes and making a report of that literature was going on for about 7 to 8 days because my guide always told me in Marathi that vachal tar vachal.

During these days, I learned how to download research papers from sci-hub using DOI numbers. After this, we started doing experiments in the lab but firstly my PhD guide gave me instructions for using lab-coat, gloves, safety glasses and shoes for safety. This was the first standard operating Procedure(SOP) that was taught in my internship duration.

In the lab I was taught first how to be punctual, how to handle instruments, how to keep the instruments at their places after use, how to handle pipette, how to speak to lab-mates and other PhD students and many other things like handling hazardous chemicals, using ultrasound bath, ultrasound cavitation, using viscometer, using standard pipette, how to set up distillation plant, how to set up oil bath cum stirrer, bringing chemicals and instruments from the merchant and also using high-pressure liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. These were the machines which we handled and also from which we extracted ethanol using molasses.

In my internship period ie. 15 May 2019 to 30 June 2019, my schedule was: waking up in at 7 am, having breakfast in my college mess and going to lab at 8:30. Then having lunch at 2 pm, again going to the lab and then coming back for dinner and then going to my room of hostel no.1 in the Institute of Chemical Technology. This was my schedule in the internship period except on Sunday, which was a holiday.

During my internship, we extracted 25% of ethanol which is totally a new technology by fermentation and hydrodynamic cavitation and it’s new research because in industries only 15% to 17% of extraction technology of ethanol has been possible till now and we are looking forward to extracting more and more ethanol.

I have taken research work on this project in my second year. Due to interest in the topic and also guidance of Prof. A B Pandit sir and PhD guide, I was able to do research work and this internship was my starting point for the research path.

After completing the internship, I received a certificate from the Chemical Department of ICT and also received Four Thousand as a stipend.



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