I³ 2021: Ideation Innovation Implementation by Skillship Vellore [Dec 1-2]: Register Now!

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Skillship Vellore is organizing an Ideathon: Ideation Innovation Implementation, which will be scheduled for December 1 – 2, 2021.

About Skillship

Skillship works and takes the initiative of developing skills for the betterment of the world. The Ideathon I3 aims to achieve active brainstorming of participants to tackle socio-economic and environmental problems.

Ideas shall be accompanied by business models, with emphasis on economic and human resource management. The best ideas will help the team to climb up the ladder and win the ideathon. Moreover, the respective winners will receive grand prizes.

About Skillship Vellore

Skillship Vellore is among India’s fastest-growing technical and non-technical communities, where the exuberance of youth meets experience and wisdom. They are a part of the Skillship Foundation.

They at Skillship believe in developing new skill sets and knowledge among the student community. The core committee members of the chapter are primarily divided into 3 broad domains: technical, design, and management.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning

The technical domain consists of various subdomains: Frontend, Backend, DS/ML, and Android. The distinct domains provide students with a platform where they can learn, share and enhance their knowledge.

Why Ideathon?

Every problem has a solution. Ideathons focus on providing solutions to the problems faced in the modern world. It is an active display of models to tackle specific problems, which in the long run would work to assert, augment and advance lives.

The sheer advantages of an ideathon are limitless. I³ ideathon by Skillship actively focuses on providing a platform for business models that could transfigure human lives. 

How does the event enhance your skills?

Skillship has designed this event such that only the most successful models will be promoted in the rounds. Participating in their event will allow contestants to have managerial experience in terms of resource allocation.

This event also elevates the leadership qualities and teamwork within participating teams.  

Why should you participate?

Remarkable perks will be up for grabs if you decide to be a part of this event. Certificates and prize money for the winning teams is something that one can’t avoid! The certificates will surely add concrete evidence to your CV about your knowledge and experience. 


  • Round 1:
    • The 1st round involves students to actuate innovative ideas and solutions and submitting them through pdfs or presentations. The first round is scheduled to be held in the morning and kicks off with the ppt/pdf submissions.
    • These ideas would then be judged based on their originality, ingenuity, feasibility, and authenticity. While the judges evaluate the submissions, interesting quizzes and webinars will be held to keep the participants engaged.
    • The submissions will be taken through a google form where the teams have to mention the dimensions they have opted for, before submitting their ideas. With the end of round 1, the teams with the most promising ideas will be elevated to the next stage.
  • Round 2:
    • The 2nd round will stress upon pitching ideas. The qualified teams entering this round have to pitch their idea to the judges and other panel members through pdfs or presentations.
    • Each team will be provided with a duration of five minutes to enunciate these ideas to the judges, which will be followed by an interactive five-minute session between the panel and the participants. Each team will be given precisely ten to twelve minutes to wrap up their presentation and interaction.
    • These presentations will be judged based on their work, clarity of their vision, delivery of ideas, and presentation skills. After an evaluation of their performances, a maximum of ten to fifteen teams will set foot into the concluding round. 
  • Round 3:
    • The 3rd round is the concluding round of our prestigious ideathon. This round will be centered around future prospects and business models.
    • The finalists will be given hypothetical situations such as receiving a certain amount of money as their initial fund. Upon receiving the situations, the teams will have to determine a course of action on the kind of assemblage they are targeting, the techniques they will use to deliver their ideas, and associated marketing strategies.
    • These proposals will be assessed based on scalability, sustainability, and problem-solving skills. As the round concludes to an end, so does the event. A closing ceremony will be hosted. The results will be announced through a live event on youtube or discord. Soon after they will also be declared on our Instagram handle.  

How to Register?

To register for the Ideathon, click here.

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