Horizon 2k19 at Velalar College of Engineering & Technology, Tamil Nadu [Sept 28]: Register by Sept 20

By: Jasmeet | 17 Sep 2019 9:48 AM

Horizon 2K19 is the Annual National level Technical symposium conducted by the Student Association of Computer Science and Engineering ‘MAGNUMOPUS’. The progressive effort of students has made it bigger and better than ever.

This event gives you a platform for learning and a stage for exposing the Engineer in you.  A perfect combination of technical and non-technical events which make this an unavoidable adventure for knowledge hunters.

  1. Paper Presentation: Topics can be chosen from any of the domains related to Computer Science and oriented branches. A paper should be in the Standard IEEE format. Maximum of three members per team. Send your abstract to on or before September 20, 2019.

2. Dazzled Coding: A simple code with syntax error will be given on a paper. Participants have to correct the errors on paper and type the code with MONITOR SWITCHED OFF. Participants will be provided 10 minutes to type the code after they’re sure that the errors are corrected

3. Code Hunt: A number of Folders are created and loaded with problems. The Participants are asked to solve the problem in the first of the older and then to the next folder and so on…The winner who solves the most questions claims the Winner.

4. Developer Duos: Two Participants are randomly paired and are given a problem to solve. The duos should take turns to code the solution. But the catch is that they cant be together at the same time. As one person codes, the other person is isolated. Swaps occur at regular intervals and the first duo to solve the problem wins.

5. Code Run: A  team of two participants is allowed.The first participant codes for the first 5 minutes and the second for the next five minutes. This goes on repeatedly until they complete the code. The Best Team wins.


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Phone Number: 7373793030

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