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PG Programme in Life Insurance by HDFC Life [With Guaranteed Job + Stipend]: Registrations Open

About the Programme

PGPLI stands for Post Graduate Program in Life Insurance. It is a Program run by upGrad in association with HDFC Life. This program is aimed to hand-pick and train passionate graduates or final year students(from any stream), to impart them with knowledge on the fundamentals of Life Insurance, basics of financial services, Products and basics of Sales management, with the objective of making them job-ready for a Front lines sales job at HDFC Life.

The course curriculum and the material have been designed by industry experts from HDFC Life and upGrad. The core purpose of this training is to enable the participants to hit the ground running and help them succeed when they take charge of the role.

Successful completion of all the phases of the training promise a rewarding job and career with a prestigious brand like HDFC Life coupled with a Post Graduate Certificate in Insurance Sales.

Offerings Under the Programme

It is a dual benefit program that offers PG certificate along with a job guarantee. Here is what it has to offer:

  • Guaranteed job & Earning Potential:
    • Guaranteed job at HDFC Life with a cost to the company of ₹2,50,000** (Two lakhs fifty thousand only) per annum plus incentives on successful course completion.
    • Performance-based sales incentives over and above the salary.
    • After successful completion of this course, a candidate will be hired by HDFC Life as Front line Sales professional, at J2 band which is a level above the entry level for similar job roles.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Insurance: It is a certification course offered by upGrad in association with HDFC Life.
  • Contours of the training
    • Phase 1 – Two months of online training with no monthly allowance
    • Phase 2 – Two months On-the-job training with a monthly allowance of ₹2,500**/-
    • Phase 3 – A seven-month internship with a stipend of ₹15,100**/- per month

    **All payments will be subject to prevailing tax laws and other statutory deductions


11 Months


You will be required to pay ₹99,000/-(Rupees Ninety Nine Thousand) for the entire course. The course fee is inclusive of the ₹10,000 paid by you as initial advance paid to block your seat.

Note: The total amount you will earn during the OJT and Internship phase, if you continue successfully, will more than compensate for the total fee you would have paid for the course. The entire earnings post deductions will be approx. ₹1,03,833**.

How to enroll

It is a three step selection process:

  • Step 1: Your profile will be shortlisted by upGrad Consultants basis your qualification, interest, and flair for Sales and English language comprehension.
  • Step 2: Online Cognitive Ability and Online Communication Assessment will be administered by HDFC Life. This test will be virtually proctored. Successful clearance of step 2 will take you to step 3.
  • Step 3: Telephonic Interview will be conducted by upGrad to validate verbal communication and other critical skills required by the job on offer. Step 3 will conclude in final Selection/Rejection decision for the course.



Those who are in the final year of their UG course may apply provided you plan to complete your Graduation in three months from starting of this program.

For full details and to enroll for this course, click here.

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