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Call for Proposals: HCI Applications in Environment, Healthcare & IT by IIT Mandi: Submit by Sept 18


The Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) at the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi under the Department of Science and Technology (DST)’s NM-ICPS is inviting research proposals in human-computer interaction (HCI) areas.
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi is an autonomous engineering and technology university located in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. IIT Mandi’s permanent campus is fully functional on the left bank of the Uhl River at Kamand and Salgi villages in Mandi.

  1. Environment: The proposals in the environment domain may address problems concerning landslides or damages to flora and fauna of mountain regions for the development and evaluation of interfaces for human decision making against these problems. Research projects in this domain may require the development and evaluation of interfaces for visualization of field-based data and/ or satellite data for monitoring, warning, and
    predictions about landslides or damages to flora and fauna of mountain regions.
  2. Healthcare: The proposals in the healthcare domain may perform development and evaluation of interfaces for human decision making in the following areas: CAD for radiology, and augmented reality for disease mitigation. The research proposals in CAD for radiology may involve the development of algorithms and software interfaces and their evaluation for interactive processing, visualization, and interpretation for radiology modalities such as X-ray, CT, structural MRI, and for COVID/ post-COVID screening and quarantine strategies.
  3. Information Technology (IT): The proposals on IT may address problems concerning the interface development and evaluation in networks (e.g., telecom networks) for improved human decision making. Also, projects may involve multimedia data analytics involving speech, text, image, data analytics, etc. concerning the IT domain. Examples of projects in the network analysis include tasks such as diagnosing and predicting faults, interfaces for visualization of descriptive and predictive analytics for network management,, etc.
Eligibility Criteria

The proposals have to be submitted by faculty/ scientists working in regular positions in recognized Academic Organization/ Public funded R&D Institution/ Laboratories, Central Government/ State Government supported or recognized (Public or Private) academia, National/ State-funded R&D Labs in partnership with S&T based voluntary organization, or DSIR recognized SIRO organization.
If the Academic Organizations/Public funded R&D Institution/State Government-supported or recognized (Public or Private) academia has a rank greater than 100 in NIRF 2020 rankings in engineering or overall category, then they need to participate in the role of a “co-partner” with an Institution having a NIRF 2020 top-100 rank in the engineering or overall category as a “primary partner.”

Project Duration

The project shall be for a maximum duration of three years.

Call for Proposals
  1. To download the project proposal format, click here.
  2. Candidates are requested to send the scanned proposal duly signed by the head of the organization along with enclosures in PDF format to tih@iitmandi.ac.in.
  3. Incomplete proposals are liable for rejection.
  4. The last date to submit your proposals is September 18, 2020.

Dr. Prem Felix Siril
Phone Number: +91-1905-267851
Email ID: tih@iitmandi.ac.in
For full notification, click the link below.

Call for Proposals: HCI Applications in Environment, Healthcare & IT by IIT Mandi


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