Haryana State Government’s POSE Scholarship 2017-18 for Graduate/PG Courses in Sciences: Apply by Sep 15: Expired

Haryana POSE scholarships 2017
Applications are invited from students for POSE (Promotion Of Science Education) scholarships available for pursuing graduate/post-graduate courses in basic & natural science subjects as specified in the scheme.
The scholarships are limited only to the students who have taken admission during the
year 2017 in any of the following courses:

  1. 3-year B.Sc. program in Basis & Natural Science / 4-year BS or 5-year
    integrated M.Sc./M.S. program in Basic & Natural Sciences at IIT, IISc
    IISER, NISER, DAE-CBS or in any college/university in India.  (OR)
  2. 2-year M.Sc. program in Basic & Natural Sciences.

Note: The Scheme in its current format does not include courses in engineering, medicine,
technology and other professional or technical courses.
For 3-year B.Sc./4-year BS/5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S. in basic & natural science subjects, the students should have passed class X and XII Board examination from a school situated in Haryana with minimum 85% marks for Haryana Board schools and 90% marks for other boards like CBSE, ICSE etc. in 12th class.
There shall be no cut off for admission in National Institutions like IIT, IISER, NISER, DAB-CBS, IISc etc.
For 2-year M.Sc. in basic & natural science subjects, the student should have passed X, XII and B.Sc./B.A. (B.A. for M.Sc. Mathematics) from school/college/university situated in Haryana with minimum 75% marks in B.Sc./B.A. class.
Number of Scholarships

  1. 3-year B.Sc./4-year BS/5-year Integrated M.Sc./M.S. courses – 150
  2. 2-year M.Sc. course – 50

Amount of Scholarships

  1. Rs. 4,000/- P.M. for 3-year B.Sc. course.
  2. Rs. 6,000/- P.M. for 2-year M.Sc. course.
  3. If the students take admission in 4-year B.S. or 5-year integrated M.Sc./M.S.
    then the amount of scholarship during 1st, 2nd & 3rd year will be Rs. 4,000/-
    P.M. and during 4th & 5th year Rs. 6,000/- P.M.

Research Mentorship
The selected students will get mentorship grant (one time) of Rs. 12,000/- in 3-year B.Sc. program, Rs. 17,000/- in 4-year B.S. program, Rs. 22,000/- in 5-year integrated M.Sc. program and Rs. 10,000/- in 2-year M.Sc. program.
To avail the mentorship grant, the scholars are required to do project work under a Professor/Research Supervisor (Mentor) during vacation period, in any recognized Universities or Institutes or Research Laboratories/ Centres of their choice (preferably outside their parent institutions) either in India or abroad.
For students doing a project in India, the expenses related to travel, accommodation and consumable expenses are reimbursed to the student within the mentorship grant
How to apply?
Applications are to be submitted online at this link.
The instructions for filling the online form are given here.
The list of annexures to be sent with the application are given here.
Any student facing difficulty in completing the application may call the helpline number 1800-180-2128.

For details, please view the official guidelines given here. 


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