Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program 2020

Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program 2020 at US [Stipend Rs. 3.5L]: Apply by Feb 3

About the Internship

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) Internship Program (HIP) provides non-Harvard undergraduate students with a focused and challenging summer research experience in a cutting-edge stem cell science laboratory.

Interns are exposed to different professional options within the scientific arena through a stem cell seminar series, a career pathways presentation, and a weekly stem cell companion course. Students present their summer research findings, both orally and in poster format, at the HIP Symposium—a requirement of all program participants.

Interns are required to live on-campus in the Undergraduate Research Village (Winthrop House is the likely venue). HSCI will cover the cost of housing for interns in the research village and will provide a microfridge for each resident. Meal plans are not available for HIP participants. Interns are strongly advised not to bring a car as parking is not available.

The program will begin on Monday, June 8, 2020. All selected candidates must commit to being at Harvard by Monday, June 15th (absolutely no exceptions to this requirement).


This is an UNDERGRADUATE internship program open to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who express a strong interest in stem cell biology. Candidates must be enrolled in a program in the natural sciences. Applicants may be from any college or university across the United States and internationally. Harvard University will sponsor the visas for international students who are selected for this program.


A stipend of $5,000.00 will be provided, and this is intended to cover transportation, meals, and personal expenses related to participation in this program. Students, especially international students with J-1 visa requirements, will require evidence of greater personal financial resources to support their time at Harvard.

How to Apply?
  • Step One – apply for a Harvard XID at the site. It may take several hours before your XID is recognized by the system.
  • Step Two – The application link for summer, 2020, is available here.
Application Deadline

Feb 3, 2020


Administrative Director: Maureen Herrmann
Email: maureen_herrmann[at]harvard.edu

For more details, click here.

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