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Call for Papers: Habib University President’s Conference “Questioning South Asia” [Karachi, Nov 22-24]: Submit by June 15

About the Organizer:

Habib University is a liberal arts and sciences university that offers an interdisciplinary education drawing from the fields of science, engineering, arts, humanities and the social sciences. Committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in tertiary education and envisioned as a node for intellectual activity in the region, Habib University hopes to foster a new generation of scholars who can positively impact society.

About the Conference:

Habib University invites abstract submissions for the first President’s Conference on South Asia. The geopolitical significance of South Asia has been a well-known fact in policy and security studies for the last several decades.

This call for papers seeks contributions from scholars willing to think beyond the construct of South Asia as a territorially bound space with discrete nations. We invite papers from scholars who seek to identify the historical modalities of the emergence of South Asia as an analytical construct and shed light on how it continues to operate as a geographical, cultural, and economic category.

Some of the questions we seek to investigate are: What are the obstacles to developing comparative research perspectives for scholars constrained by ‘South Asia’? How can we shift away from the dominant framework of South Asia as an already-determined category, and devise new research agendas? And what demands change, transformation, or recalibration might this place on us as subjects undertaking research?

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • Abstract submission: June 15
  • Notification of acceptance: July 15
  • General registration opens: Sept 15
  • Final paper submission: October 15
  • Conference: November 22-24

Important Guidelines:

  1. The conference is addressed to academics, researchers, and professionals from all parts of the world.
  2. Doctoral candidates and young researchers are welcome to submit abstracts.
  3. The material must be submitted in English.
  4. Please submit the following by 15th June 2017 using the form below:
    • Abstracts of no more than 250-word for individual papers or 350 words for panels
    • CV with contact information
  5. Authoring guidelines will be emailed with notification of acceptance.
  6. Presenters are encouraged to seek their own funding, though some travel support may be available.
  7. Please write to qsa@habib.edu.pk with a request for travel assistance.
  8. Accommodation will be provided to all presenters.


For all inquiries, please contact: qsa@habib.edu.pk.

For further details, please visit the link given here.


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