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Course on Valuation of Ecosystem Goods & Services at IISc, Bangalore [Jan 1-15]: Register by Nov 20: Expired

IISc Bangalore is conducting a course on Valuation of Ecosystem Goods & Services as part of its Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP 2020).

About the course

Forest ecosystems are critical habitats for diverse biological diversity and perform an array of ecological services that provide food, water, shelter, aesthetic beauty, etc. Valuation of the services and goods provided by the forest ecosystem would aid in the micro-level policy design for the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems. 

Main objective of the course is to value the ecosystems goods and services. This involves assessment of total economic value (TEV) of the ecosystem considering provisioning, regulating, supporting and information services provided by the ecosystem.


The course provides an understanding of 

  • the principles of ecosystem valuation with case studies  
  • improved knowledge of the activities covered in the course and their implications on the environment;  
  • characteristics of factors that influence the environment and their adverse effects on the environment;  
  • use of monitoring techniques and data processing in the affected environment; and  
  • the need to protect the environment from pollution and possible remedial techniques
Course Content
  • Ecosystems, basic characteristics of ecosystems, Levels of Organisation: From Species to Eco systems, Types of ecosystems – Introduction
  • Forest Ecosystems: Importance, types of forests, functioning of forest ecosystem…
  • Vegetation sampling techniques – field data collection
  • Maps, cartography, Geographic information system
  • Spatial data – Introduction, brief introduction to Remote sensing, GIS
  • Remote sensing data classification – Assessment of different land uses
  • Field Data collection – Quantification of biomass (transect based quadrat sampling)
  • Carbon sequestration, quantification of carbon sequestered in the terrestrial biomass
  • Understanding pollination services, seed dispersal services, groundwater recharge…
  • Soil – types, characterization, soil degradation, conservation and management
  • Watershed, flood plains, buffer zone – treatment and management
  • Understanding vegetation, hydrology, ecology and biodiversity linkages
  • Quantification of Ecosystem Goods and Services
  • Valuation of Goods and Services
  • Provisioning services, Regulating Services from Forest Ecosystem, Information services
  • Field data collection – quantification
  • Guest lectures and presentation of the working group (participants),
  • Waste management (mandatory)
Who can attend?

GSDP aids in the capacity building of unemployed youth (graduates – science, economics and engineering) and students pursuing PG /Ph.D, In-service working professionals (forest department, biodiversity board and NGO’s)

Important dates
  • Deadline of Receiving completed application: 20th November 2019
  • Intimation of selection: 13th December 2019
  • Duration: 15 days (1-15 January 2020) and Time: 8 30 am to 7 pm

Interested candidates can apply for the same via this page.


Course Fee: Rs 1000 (to be paid by demand draft, drawn in favor of ‘Indian Institute of Science’ payable at Bangalore) – to be submitted on the intimation of selection. This would be refunded to the candidates who attend all sessions, implement the project, write exams and successfully complete the course.


Dr. T V Ramachandra
E Mail: tvr[at]iisc.ac.in, envis.ces[at]iisc.ac.in
Tel: 080-22933099 / 22933503

For more details, click here.

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