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Goonj Fellowships 2018 [Stipend Rs. 18K-20K/Month, Multiple Cities]: Apply by July 18: Expired

Goonj has launched ​​Goonj Fellowship​, a one year fellowship ​for Youngsters in the age of 20-30, who are keen to engage​​ with some real life challenges, tasks and timelines, to give them hands on experience and immersion into urban and rural India’s realities and a precursor for their future action plan at the end of the fellowship.

​The Fellowship will involve three segments:

First: Engaging ​the Fellow in an ambitious pan India urban campaign involving strategic thinking, logistics, communication, people handling and managerial responsibilities.

Second: Planning and executing time-bound ideas and projects addressing an  urban/rural problem, supported by Goonj.

Third: Making sense of it all.. You will  reflect back and chart out an action plan for yourself (post Fellowship) in consultation with some industry mentors, guiding you through the process.

The Fellowship is designed to give an outlet to your entrepreneurial and passionate self and nudge you to work on an action plan on a social issue that bothers you.

Fellowship Features

  • Fellowship is for 12 months and a tough one!
  • Fellows will be given 20 leaves a year + regular national holidays.
  • Fellowship Stipend will be a fixed amount ranging between Rs 18000 – Rs 20000 per month, depending on  the city. This will be all inclusive of travel, phone,internet etc.
  • City travel allowances will be reimbursed based on actuals.


  1. Minimum qualification –  graduation in any discipline.
  2. Open for Indian citizens only.


Goonj works in parts of 22 states in deeper rural pockets and has offices in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Rishikesh, Chennai and Mumbai. Based on need and your interest areas you will be placed in any of these above locations.

How to apply

Online application forms:

Offline application forms:

Last date of application: July 18th, 2018


In case of any query or doubt, send an email to


To know more, click the below links:

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