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JNU’s GIAN Course on Dark Matter : The Astroparticle Perspective [New Delhi, Dec 18-23]: Registrations Open

By: Srishti Srivastav | 16 Dec 2017 2:27 PM


Neutrinos are the most abundant relic particles which have mass, however they cannot be the major constituent of the ‘dark matter’ which makes up 27% of the mass-energy of the Universe. While the discovery that neutrinos have mass provides the first evidence for new phenomena beyond the ‘Standard Model’ of particle physics, attempts to construct such theories must also accommodate a new stable massive particle which constitutes the dark matter.

Moreover since physical laws are (almost) exactly the same for antiparticles and particles, the observation that the universe contains only baryons but no anti-baryons, may well be due to the generation of an asymmetry in neutrinos and/or dark matter in the early universe, and a common dynamical origin for all massive particles. The identification of the
dark matter is therefore the key question in astro-particle physics and an ambitious international experimental search on several fronts.


The lectures will provide the necessary astrophysical and cosmological background to the dark matter problem and discuss candidate particles arising in models of new physics, as well as attempts to detect them by both direct and indirect means. The course is aimed primarily at Graduate students but will be accessible to Masters (and even advanced
Undergraduate) students.

We will review the observational evidence in the framework of the Big Bang cosmology, the theoretical motivation for new stable particles, and experimental methods to look for non gravitational interactions of dark matter. This is a multi-disciplinary topic at the interface of astrophysics and cosmology and particle physics, and of interest to both experimentalists and theorists.


The registration fees are given below:

  • MSc or MA Students : Free
  • JNU MPhil or PhD Students : Rs 1000
  • JNU Faculty : Rs. 2000
  • Research students from other institutions : Rs. 1500
  • Faculty from other institutions : Rs. 2500
  • Participants from outside India : US$ 100


For any queries, contact:

  • Poonam Mehta
    Email : , Phone : 011-26738819
For further information, visit here.

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