The Gandhian Challenge by NITI Aayog [Winner gets Trip to UNESCO, Delhi]: Submit by Oct 20: Expired

Gandhian Challenge NITI AayogAbout

The goal of this challenge is to bring Bapu’s way of life to the students of our country. We want students to read and understand the principles of Mahatma Gandhi to express their innovation. Mahatma Gandhi was a strong believer of social justice, non-violence, self-reliance and equality for one and all. Unfortunately, we as citizens of the world are moving further away from these tenets and towards an exclusive society rather than an inclusive one.

The situation we are in, calls for all us to look back at our rich past and think of how we can bring back Gandhiji’s values to create a new World, a sustainable world which is full of love and harmony, peace and justice for one and all. So, let’s come together to innovate towards building a brighter World and a better future!

What do we want from you?

Read and understand what Mahatma Gandhi believed in, how he lived his life and how he helped our country, our planet and all its citizens. Now take help of his principles and beliefs to think of out of the box solutions to solve a problem that you see in our World today. Create a world of your dreams! You can write about your idea, paint it, create a prototype for it or use any other form of expressing your idea.

You can submit under two themes–

  • Art & Innovation
    – Poem or Essay or Letter (Address it to the citizens of our World)
    – Painting/Sketching/Photography
    – Video
  • Science, technology & Innovation
    – Robotics
    – loT & Sensors
    – 3D Printing

Last date of submission is 20th October, 2019.


  • Top 8-10 winners will be flown to Delhi by UNICEF inclusive of TA/DA. These teams will get an opportunity to interact with heads of NITI Aayog, AIM and UNICEF India and will be awarded certificates and prizes
  • All winners will receive certificates from NITI Aayog.

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