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Fragmented Spaces: The Grammar and Politics of Urban Housing in India @ Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur [June 12-15]: Registrations Open

By: Shivani Dubey | 09 Mar 2019 4:40 PM
About the Organiser

Sambhaavnaa Institute has been organizing political, economic, social and environmental justice program for past six years for social workers. Sambhaavnaa Institute is located in a village near by Palampur, Himachal Pradesh and the training venue and logistic arrangements are made in its premises.

About the Workshop

Sambhaavnaa Institute PalampurThis workshop aims to get participants thinking about the meanings and values attached to the idea of housing, and to have them critically engage with the vocabularies, tools and frameworks used to govern this activity. It aspires to open up these understandings toward being able to articulate alternative ways of imagining, planning, creating and governing housing in Indian cities and towns.

The workshop will explore the following themes, using a mix of pedagogic modes including interactive discussions, group activities, scenario building, and visual media. We will use case study material to analyse problems as well as ways to envisage change at different scales: the neighbourhood, city or region.

  • Terminologies, Tropes, Traps
  • Housing as a Verb
  • Policies, Plans, Projects
  • Solution-Impacted Communities
  • Histories of the Present
  • Toward Change: Imagining and Articulating new responses to the ‘Problem of Housing’
Who is it for
  • Those who are part of, or work with, groups that have been marginalized or excluded due to processes related to implementation of urban housing policies.
  • Lawyers, journalists, activists, and campaigners who would be able to bring their experience and networks to the discussions on urban housing.
  • Government officers and service providers who aspire to empower citizens.
  • Citizens/Individuals who want to understand and make sense of the government’s urban housing policies.

The workshop will be organised at:

Sambhaavnaa Institute
Village-Kandbadi, P.O.-Kamlehad
Tehsil-Palampur, District-Kangra
Himachal Pradesh-176061

How to Register

The application form for the workshop is available on this page.

Fee Details

Participants are required to make a contribution of Rs. 3,500 for the workshop.


12-15 June 2019

  • Phone: 8894227954 (Shashank)
  • Email:
For further information about the workshop, visit the official website


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