Format- The Photographer Fund 2020 [Grant Amount to Rs 19L]: Apply by May 2: Expired

About the Fund

These past few weeks have been full of uncertainties, and it has become apparent that the world will continue to be full of challenges and ambiguity for the foreseeable future. Not only is the COVID-19 outbreak taking a toll on many people’s physical and mental health, it is also having an unprecedented impact on the global economy. This economic upheaval is felt strongly in the photography community—especially by freelance and independent photographers.

At Format two of our core values are Care and Impact, alongside our mission to help photographers seamlessly run and grow their business. Now, we have an opportunity to live those values and support photographers who may be facing financial difficulties with the Photographer Fund. If you’re a photographer facing financial difficulties, this fund is for you. We know $25,000 is just a start, but we want to help as many photographers as possible.

The world is currently unpredictable and full of uncertainty—something the photography community is used to. Thanks to the level of ambiguity they deal with, that same community is resilient and creative in the face of a challenge. Format created the Photographer Fund to honour that hustle and help independent photographers who are facing unprecedented financial hardships in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak stay on their feet.

Who can apply?

Self-employed photographers who are facing financial hardships are invited to apply.


They will be offering assistance of up to $500 per person, and they’ll use our discretion to determine who gets the funds. Knowing this isn’t a huge amount, they’re aiming to support as many people as they can—their hope is that this helps independent photographers stay on their feet.

For application& more details, click here.

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