Fix the Photo Essay Competition; Grant of Rs. 96K: Submit by May 31, 2018: Expired

Fix Photo Academic Scholarship
Starting from July 17, 2017 we are announcing a scholarship program for 2018 year. We will choose three lucky winners to get $1500 for covering all expenses for studying or just self-development.
We are totally confident that your talents and eagerness to make this world better must be appreciated. Thus, we have created this beneficial program exactly for students that are thirsty for opening new horizons.
How to Apply:
To start the application process and to be considered as a potential winner by our post processing company, first of all you should create your own essay by following all instructions, which will be described below as well as the topic.
The application submission deadline is May 31, 2018 11:59 PM EST.
The winners will be announced on June 10, 2018.
Your task is to write an essay of nearly 1500-2000 words on the demanded topic and certainly following all of the mentioned instructions.
Topic: How photography could help other industries
Below we will notice some necessary demands that have to be definitely followed without any possible exceptions and changes.

  • First of all you must be a full-time student. This criterion is believed to be the most prominent one. If you cannot meet this demand, you must supply us with special acceptance letter from your College or University. Please note, that both College and University must have accreditation. Otherwise your application will be automatically cancelled.
  • You also must have documents that will confirm your identity. That may be either identification number, identity card or other legal documents.
  • Remember that all information that will be mentioned in your essay should be true to life. Our company will check carefully every detail that will be described in your text. If we find out that mentioned information is false or unreliable, your essay will not be considered.

In case following all described rules, you have a great chance for success in this competition. We are open to fresh and totally new vision about the future of the photo art industry. Thus, we are waiting for your rich in content essays! In case having problems with application or just questions, please contact us via email scholarship@fixthephoto.com.

For more details, please visit this link.

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