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Fellowship Programme for Ph.D. Students by ERCIM, Europe: Apply by Sept 30: Expired


ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, offers fellowships for Ph.D. holders from all over the world. Fellows are hosted in leading European Research Institutes.

Who can Apply

The Fellowships are available for Ph.D. holders from all over the world.


Topics cover most disciplines in Computer Science, Information Technology, and Applied Mathematics The detailed list of topics is available here.

How to Apply

To apply online, click here.

Fellowship Duration

12 Months


The fellows are appointed for 12 months either by a stipend (an agreement for a research training programme) or a working contract. The type of contract and the monthly allowance (for stipends) or salary (for working contracts) depend on the hosting institute.

For the entire period of 12 months, the fellow will receive a monthly allowance or salary (depending on the type of contract) which may vary depending on the country. Costs for travelling to and from the institutes will be paid under conditions determined by the contract.This allowance/salary will be transferred to the fellow’s personal bank account.

Application Deadline

September 30, 2019


Email: fp-info@ercim.eu

For more information, click here.


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