Online FDP on Statistics & Optimization Techniques Using Software Packages by Aligarh Muslim University [Oct 25-29]: Registrations Open


The Department of Statistics & Operations Research, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh is organizing an ATAL Sponsored Online FDP on Statistics & Optimization Techniques Using Software Packages from October 25 to 29, 2021.

Aligarh Muslim University is a public central university in Aligarh, India, which was originally established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan as the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College in 1875. Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College became Aligarh Muslim University in 1920, following the Aligarh Muslim University Act.

FDP Highlights

The formulation of statistical models and their applications to address particular type of study objectives form the core component of standard approaches to the analysis. It is felt that the programme will cater to the needs of researchers in achieving the said objectives.

Realizing the need of computational tools, the programme also offers training on analysis and interpretation of results through statistical software packages namely SPSS, Minitab, Lingo, TORA and R. This programme is being organized with an objective to acquire an applied knowledge of statistics and optimization modelling tools using software packages.

FDP Outcomes

At the end of FDP:

  1. The participants would be able to use appropriate tools of statistics and optimization along with the interpretations of the results obtained from the data sets.
  2. The participants will have a working knowledge of various Software Packages for using the above techniques.

The programme will cover broadly the following topics:

  • Descriptive and Exploratory Data Analysis,
  • Categorial Data Analysis, Correlation, and Regression (Simple, Multiple, Stepwise, Best subset, Logistic),
  • Testing of Hypothesis parametric and non-parametric Test, ANOVA, MANOVA, Medical Statistics, Various Multivariate Techniques such as Factor Analysis Cluster Analysis & Structural Equation Modelling Linear Programming Problem
  • Assignment and Transportation Problems
  • Induction to Software packages (SPSS, Minitab, Lingo, TORA, and R) with necessary commands.

No fees will be charged to faculty members working in AICTE approved institutions.

To register for the FDP, click here.

Click here to view the official notification for the Online FDP on Statistics & Optimization Techniques Using Software Packages by Aligarh Muslim University

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