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FDP on Natural Language Processing at VNRVJIET, Hyderabad [Jan 6-10, 2020]: Registrations Open


This course will introduce basics of text processing, (Part of-Speech) POS tagging, find similar words using the context of surrounding words, build a language model to predict the next word, constituency and dependency parsing, dialog systems and unification.
Finally, this course also covers some of the most interesting applications of NLP. The course will be useful for the faculty of engineering and sciences who are interested in the learning of NLP from an Industry perspective.
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an important area of Artificial Intelligence concerned with the processing and understanding of a human language. The goal of NLP is to process and harness information from a large corpus of text with very little manual intervention.

Course Content
  • Introduction & text classification
  • Language modeling and sequence tagging
  • Vector Space Models of Semantics
  • Syntactic Processing
  • Sequence to sequence tasks
  • Dialog Systems
  • Unification -based NLP and Semantics
Who can Attend?

The program is open to the teachers of engineering colleges from Electronics and Communication Engineering. Research scholars and Industry personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline can also attend.

  1. No TA/DA will be paid to the participants.
  2. Working Lunch, Tea & Snacks would be provided during the training at VNRVJIET campus.
  3. Selection will be done based on the first-cum-first-serve basis and the confirmed candidates will be notified immediately.
  4. The maximum number of participants will be 40 (forty).
  5. A filled-in form of application in the prescribed format duly signed should be handed over at the registration desk on the first day of FDP.
  6. To download the registration form, click here.
  7. Candidates will be issued certificates on successful completion of the course.
  8. Reservations of seats are followed for selecting candidates as per GOI norms.

Phone Number: 9866940403
Email ID: kishore_p@vnrvjiet.in

For further details, click here.

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