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FDP on AI: Devices to Circuits at IIT Roorkee [Jan 9-13]: Register by Jan 3

FDP on AI: Devices to Circuits at IIT Roorkee [Jan 9-13]: Register by Jan 3

course product design innovation iit roorkee
course product design innovation iit roorkee

Artificial Intelligence (AI) builds smart machines that imitate human behavior.Under the aegis of the Sparc scheme, IIT Roorkee is organizing a 5-day FDP on Artificial Intelligence from January 9 to 13, 2020. This course aims to discuss neuromorphic computing based on promising spin electronics technologies for AI applications.
Recently, neuromorphic computing has demonstrated huge potential for information processing at low power that leads to highly energy-efficient systems. This course will help participants gain knowledge about the design of AI systems from device to system level. The implementation of such systems with emerging devices will also be dealt with.
The program is split into lectures and tutorials and there will be Interaction & learning with experts from academia and industry. Participants will get hands-on experience on the implementation of neuromorphic computing and Certificates to the participants by E&ICT Academy IITR.

  • To provide an overview of key concepts and technologies required for the implementation of neuromorphic computing.
  • To present the usage of emerging devices for neuromorphic computing systems
  • To understand various applications of neuromorphic computing for AI
  • To understand the principles governing the learning and memory of the neuronal connections.
  1. Participants will understand state-of-the-art AI systems, neural network, and hardware implementation of neuromorphic systems
  2. The participants will learn in-memory computation and usage of emerging devices for computation
  3. The participants will learn computational models aiming to advance our understanding of the brain learning mechanisms.
Course Content
  • Introduction to artificially Intelligent Systems
  • Neural Network and Neuromorphic Systems
  • Energy-Efficient Computing in Nanoscale CMOS
  • Role of Non-Volatile Memories
  • Spintronic Devices for Neuromorphic computing
  • Beyond traditional ionic memristors
  • Sparse Reservoir Computing
  • Learning in Brain Circuits
Who can Attend?

Program is open to faculty members/research scholars/PG students from colleges/universities, and industry personnel working in the concerned/allied discipline.

Registration Fees
  • Faculty members: Rs. 1500/-
  • Research scholars: Rs. 2,000/-
  • Persons from Industry: Rs. 2,500/-

Interested candidates can register online by clicking here. The last date to register is January 3, 2020.


Phone Number: +91-1332-28 6457
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For further details, click here.

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