CfP: Fast Track Funding Opportunities for Translational Immunology Approaches to COVID-19 by ICMR, Delhi: Submit by May 1: Expired


In the wake to tackle to COVID-19 Pandemic, the Indian Council of Medical Research invites Research proposals in various areas focused on the theme of mission mode-translational immunology. Currently, there are over 78 vaccine and over 600 therapy-related trials taking place around the world.

To address these gaps in treatment options for the Indian population, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) invites full proposals (in ICMR Ad-hoc Project format) for fast track funding for Translational Immunology and Cellular Therapeutics approach targeting COVID-19. This call aims to fill the gaps in research thrust in India by providing emphasis on the above focus areas which require more attention to address the needs for the increasing patient base.

Focus Areas
  1. Cell-based approaches for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 and associated disease sequelae: The immune system is composed of various kinds of cells that need to be harnessed correctly in order for treating COVID-19.
  2. Biologics or small molecule-based modulation of the immune system for therapy or prevention: The immune system is regulated by a variety of secreted factors which in turn modulate the immune cells or local parenchymal cells to establish the disease process. Understanding this modulation and harnessing key aspects using antibodies, recombinant proteins, or specific immune targeting modulators in order to treat COVID-19 can be proposed.
  3. Immunogenetics and molecular epidemiology based population studies on the COVID-19-consortium approach: It remains unknown why certain proportions in the population are at risk of high morbidity and mortality. While many clinical co-morbidities are being associated with COVID-19 such as hypertension, diabetes, AIDS, cancer, lung diseases, etc, the exact molecular basis is not understood fully.
  4. Novel diagnostic approaches for patient stratification and risk assessment for the severity of sequelae: Currently, a variety of COVID-19 tests are already available that determine the viral genome from mucosal membrane swabs.
Call for Proposals
  • All proposals must clearly define how samples are to be obtained, safety and documentation of sample collection process, transport, and usage in the lab must be defined as per current COVID-19 sample handling guidelines issued by RCGM/ DBT.
  • The proposals are expected to clearly outline and test a path towards translation into the human application as therapy, prevention, diagnosis, or stratification.
  • All studies should be for a period of not more than 24 months given the urgency of the global health situation..
  • Interested applicants are requested to email a detailed proposal to
Important Dates
  1. Project Submission Ends: 1st May 2020
  2. Announcement of Successful Projects: 10th May 2020
  3. Project(s) are expected to start in June 2020 and should complete latest by the end of May 2022

Phone Number: 011-26589272

Email ID:

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