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Faculty Positions at National Centre for Biomedical Sciences, Bangalore: Applications Open


NCBS is keen to consider applications from candidates with proven excellence in their field of research for faculty positions. We do not have a fixed number of ‘posts’, neither do we search for targeted research themes. If your track record demonstrates that you possess the requisite intellect, technical capabilities, commitment, and potential, please do apply to us. Applications will be accepted throughout the year.


We normally consider candidates with 2-6 years of postdoctoral experience for a Reader (Assistant Professor) level position. If you are a senior independent investigator, we can consider you for positions at the Associate Professor or Professor level. For some early career applicants, our Young Investigator Programme may be more appropriate.”


Currently the interests of our faculty range from single-molecule biophysics to population biology and ecology. We realize that modern biology is interdisciplinary and is happy to consider applicants with backgrounds in the medical, physical sciences, chemistry or mathematics with strong research proposals in biology.
Your research interest need not match the existing areas pursued at NCBS. While we usually tap the large pool of internationally trained Indian scientists, people of any nationality are encouraged to apply.


All positions are ‘tenure-track’; when you join NCBS you will be assigned a committee of mentors who will ensure that you understand the tenure process. The tenure process is initiated no later than 5.5 years after you join NCBS and its granting is dependent on your proven ability to have established a research program at NCBS.

How to Apply?
  1. You will need your CV with a list of publications, and a 1-2 page summary of your research accomplishments.
  2. You may upload PDFs of your recent research papers to accompany your application.
  3. In addition, please send us a 3-5 page research proposal describing your plans for future research over a 5-10 year period.
  4. Ensure that you bring out the importance of your general area of research, and of your specific projects in this context.
  5. When writing, please keep in mind that your application will be perused by biologists trained in diverse fields, potentially different from yours.
  6. You will also have to provide the names and addresses (including email) of eight referees who can comment on your application and on your abilities.
  7. To apply online, click here.

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For further details, click here.

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