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Exodia’19 Techno Cultural Fest @ IIT Mandi [Himachal Pradesh, Apr 12-14]: Registrations Open

Exodia Techno Cultural Fest IIT Mandi
About Exordia’19

The biggest and the most magnificent technical and cultural fest of the Himalayas, a complete feast for its participants and sponsors alike, Exodia, is back with its 8th edition, to thrill the youth with its invigorating cultural extravaganza and brain-storming technical fiesta.
The previous seven editions of this 3 day long euphoria, organized by the students of the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, also fondly known as the ‘IIT of Himalayas’, have been larger than life.

Exodia, the tech cum cult fest of IIT Mandi is in its 8th incarnation, ready to reload the rapture, this time in Retro Style. Amidst the mountains, in the serene lap of nature Kamand Valley witnesses the biggest fest of Himalayas.


1. Cultural Events: Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Design, Fashion, Literature, Quizzing
Band Slam: A rock band competition gives an opportunity to the enchanting melodies to cast a spell over the brook and rock pyramids of Mandi.
Exordia Idol: It is a Solo singing competition. Melodies of all genres of music like pop, classical, folk, plain Bollywood style or even ghazals and qawwalis are welcomed to enthrall the crowd with their fascinating and dazzling performances.
Groove Fanatics: This solo dance event provides all the amazing dancers out here with the opportunity to make the world feel the warmth of their passion.
Game of Street: A face off dance competition held in street fight style. The well performed dance fascinates and fantasise the crowd to the fullest.
Street Play: In this group drama event, we bring everyone an opportunity to amaze others with the ingenuity hidden inside themselves.
Open Mic: The event gives the participants a chance to entertain the audience in whichever way they choose using a mic as the only prop.
Pace a Patch: An online poster designing competition in which we provide our participants with a theme and let them carry their imaginations as far as they can to put together the most amazing piece of design.
Landscape Photography: Here we encourage participants to capture and send in the most breathtaking and scenic still life moments and help us make the world admire your skills.
India and Sports Quiz: A great chance to challenge your knowledge and win exciting prizes.
2. Technical Events: Programmer’s Paradigm, Reckless Robotronics, Builder Bliss, Astronomy.
Dementia: Gearing up for an awesome competitive coding contest? Buckle up for Dementia.
Conundrum: This event provides an opportunity to prove programing supremacy amidst brilliant coders by bringing in the best solution to the given problem statement in the limited amount of time using machine learning and deep learning.
Drone Championship: Build your Quadcopter to travel from source to destination crossing various interruptions, hurdles etc along the journey.
Viaduct: Viaduct is an on the spot event wherein the participants have to build a bridge using the materials provided.
3. Online Events: Art and Design, Photography, Astronomy

  1. Machine Learning/Deep Learning
  2. Bridge Design and Making
  3. Humanoid Robotics
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Digital Marketing
Important Dates

Dates of the fest are April 12-14, 2019.

Registration Details

Register here.


Contact Details of the team are given here.

For full details, visit the official website by clicking here.



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