Eximius 2019: Entrepreneurship Summit @ IIM Bangalore [Aug 9-11]: Registrations Open

Eximius 2019 Entrepreneurship Summit IIM BangaloreAbout 

Eximius is India’s largest B-school entrepreneurship summit and a melting pot of key stakeholders in the start-up ecosystem of India.
Eximius is among the largest national entrepreneurship summits in India. It stands for excellence! The spirit of entrepreneurship is celebrated in the three-day national summit, at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. There is stimulating energy unleashed by the convergence of brilliant minds in an electrifying world of innovation.

Start-Up Expo

Eximius 2019 is going even bigger with new events aimed at giving the much needed boost to early stage start-ups and Start-Up Expo is one such event. It is an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their offering to a diverse crowd of investors, entrepreneurs and customers.

So, are you a start-up with an awesome product or service that you want to display to the world? Here’s your opportunity to do so! Register for the Start-Up Expo on the Eximius website and stand a chance to be a part of Eximius 2019!

  • IPO-Q – Pitch an IPO
  • Turn It Around
  • Click the Eximius
  • Bzzwings
  • Horizon
  • Art of Elevator Pitch
  • Pitcher Perfect
  • Opventure
  • Nextup
  • Nukkad Natak
  • Havoc
  • Wipro Earthian Sustainability Quiz

For more details about the events, visit here.


Startup Fundraising Workshop

If you are trying to raise funding for your startup & want to learn the art & science of raising your first investment from someone who have funded more than 100+ early stage startups raising 500Cr plus and are ranked no.1 in India in early stage investment, then this workshop is an absolute must for you! Get clarity on fundraising concepts.


Click here for online registration.


For any queries, contact

  • Parth Agarwal
    E-mail: parth.agarwal18@iimb.ac.in
    Phone: +91 87557 58221
  • Rohit Narula
    E-mail: rohit.narula18@iimb.ac.in
    Phone: +91 76960 60047
For any further information, visit the website here

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