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Executive Programme in Data and Decision Sciences Consulting @ IIT Delhi [Oct 5-Dec 15]: Register by Aug 15

By: Jasmeet | 19 Jul 2019 6:13 PM

With the huge amount of data and its complexity involved in today’s business processes, there is a need to analyze and visualize this data and make effective decisions in the real business problems involved. Thus there is a need to leverage upon the data and decision sciences techniques to take on business challenges and goals.

Data science professionals become experts to extract meaning from large volumes of data, which requires both tools and methods from mathematics, operational research, statistics, computer science, and other related subjects. The objective is to augment managerial decision making from data-driven insights.

Exploration in the domain is a collaborative approach involving mathematical understanding, business tactics, technological applications, and behavioral sciences to help management make data-driven decisions. Pedagogy would involve lectures, classroom discussions, group assignments, case studies and hands-on sessions in IIT Delhi.

  1. To understand business analytics, information management and data sciences from a techno-functional perspective.
  2. Analyzing and solving complex business problems through effective data-driven decision making.
Program Content
  • Types & Levels of Analytics Systems, Descriptive Analytics using MS Excel, Descriptive Statistics using SPSS, Overview to Data Mining, Regression Analysis using SPSS, Multivariate analysis using SPSS, Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Data Multidimensionality (Data Warehouse, OLAP, OLTP, etc), Development approaches for Analytics Projects, Project Sizing based on Use Cases, Prescriptive Analytics using MCDM / AHP, Machine Learning using Neural Networks, Overview to Big Data & Data Science
  • Data Models for Big Data Products, Natural Language Processing& Applications, On-Site Web Analytics (Google), Social Media Analytics, Data Visualization approaches, Overview on decision-making models, Application of decision-making models.
Who can attend?

Working professionals, entrepreneurs, academicians, owner-managers, senior / mid-level managers, young graduates.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply online by clicking here.

Course Fee

Payable to IITD CEP Account: Rs. 1,18,000 (Course fee Rs. 1,00,000/- + GST @ 18%).

Important Dates
  • Last date for application: 15th August 2019
  • The final list of selection: 30th August 2019
  • Registration deadline: 15th September 2019

Phone Number: +91-11-2659-7320

Email ID:

For further details, click here.


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