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Noticebard’s Outreach Plans for Singular Events: Connect Today!

Events (conferences, courses, workshops, essay competitions, fests, contests, etc.) take a lot of time and effort, and money. And hence, your events deserve an audience.

Are you a college or a University? Make Noticebard your partner in helping you reach more students, and get the word about your event out in the student community!

Please note that one post for all College/ University events and opportunities is done for free. This will never change! In our Noticebard Outreach Plans, we help the college event/ opportunity to reach a wider crowd.

Note: The Event Outreach Plans are available only for events and opportunities organized by universities and colleges. If you are a private body (company, society, trust, LLP, individual), etc., please check our advertising plans here.

What type of posts can be published?

All ‘events’ and ‘opportunities’ organized by a college/university, where people from outside can participate. These include:

  • Essay competitions
  • Webinars
  • Debates, MUNs, Fests, Hackathons
What posts cannot be published?
  • Admission related posts (B.Tech, BBA, BCA, MTech, MCA, MBA, etc.) [For admission related advertising, check our advertising plans here]
  • Events and opportunities organized by a private player or where a private player is an active organizer of the event/opportunity
For single events/opportunities organised by colleges/universities, we offer the following event outreach plans:

Singular events at Noticebard

Note: GST of 18% is extra.

In case you are interested, please email us at or call at +91-6280019998, +91-7070360676.

No negotiations on the costs, please.

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