Environmental & Climate Action Mentoring Program (ECAMP) in Kerala [Upto 100% Scholarship Available]: Registrations Open

About The Organizer

The Environment and Climate Action Mentoring Program (ECAMP) is an Initiative by AccelerateSD, Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement (RASTA) & Green Worms with an aim of strengthening the mission of creating 5000 Young Environmental Leaders by 2030.

About the Conference

For decades, anthropogenic activities have damaged the environment and we believe in protecting environment for our future generation. Therefore, with the help of the Youth, AccelerateSD & Rural Agency for Social and Technological Advancement (RASTA) has launched a program called ECAMP (The Environmental & Climate Action Mentoring Program) to provide youth a Platform to come forward and develop skills to adopt environmental conservation in their day-to-day lives so that they can further spread awareness and action amongst our society.

Let’s return to nature by becoming a part of this mentorship campaign #ECAMP and play our part in making our planet sustainable again.

Grants are Available for ECAMP Program(Limited).


Centre of Water Resources & Development (CWRDM), Kunnamangalam,
Kozhikode/Calicut City, Kerala- 673571

Workshops at ECAMP

Climate Change
Environment & Habitat Conservation
Environmental Policies & regulations
Adopting to Sustainable Solutions & Practices
Leadership Development & Nonprofit Management
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Eligibility criteria

1) Students, Youth & Working Professionals from any Nation with age group of 18-35
2) Past track record in working in the Social sector or other sectors
3) Interested in Working towards Environmental Conservation, Sustainability, and Public Policy


INR 10,000 for Indian Citizens
150$ for Foreign Citizens


To Encourage Youth to work in the Fields of Environment Conservation, Climate Action & Sustainability,  Grants will be provided to Applicants who are financially weak.

The Scholarship will be divided into 3 Categories, 100%, 50% and 25% of the Program Fees. Overall Scholarships will be given to 10 Applicants.

​Fees Coverage

Accommodation: Dorm stay with fellow Participants

Food: Delicious Kerala Food, Organic

Programs: Filed Trips, Workshops, Training & Recreational activities

How to register

Apply to join ECAMP by clicking here.


Akshay Gunteti: Akshay.gunteti@acceleratesd.org or Connect@acceleratesd.org

Click here for the official website.

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