Entrepreneurship and App Development Camps for School Students @ IIM Bangalore [October-December]: Registrations Open

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The camps make Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technology accessible to school students for the first time in the world! Each course is 30 hours long, over 6 days.


  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (For Grades 5-12):

Artificial Intelligence is a vast field, comprising NLP, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, and a number of other buzzwords you have perhaps come across. At its core, AI is about building systems that improve quality, efficiency, and affordability of existing processes — e.g. an AI teacher-assistant bot that automatically responds to student queries, a self-flying drone that automatically understands its surroundings to chart a flight path, an adaptive learning system that personalizes content to a students’ level of understanding, and much more.

Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
Edureka - PG Diploma in AI & Machine Learning
  • VR App Development (For Grades 4-12):

Building and programming immersive Virtual Reality applications in 3D is hard – we made it easy. In 1 week, you’ll code 3 – 5 VR experiences from scratch using a cutting-edge VR app development tool we created specifically for this course called HatchVR. This is the first VR course of its kind anywhere in the world, and you’ll be the first middle school and high school students in India building VR apps.

  • Android App and Game Development (For Grades 4-12):

Never before has it been possible to teach Android game development to middle school and high school students due to the level of Java programming experience required to develop Android games. The unique teaching methodologies from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA), the students that sign up for this course will be able to design and program their very own apps & games for Android, without needing to write a single word of Java code.

  • Web App Development (For Grades 4-12):

Students will design and develop the front-end of your website in HTML (adding the page elements) and CSS (styling the page elements). You’ll start by coding a grid display of the objects in your store, with a basic shopping cart, and navigation menu from scratch.

For enrollment, click here.


  • Phase 1: Oct 13-18
  • Phase 2: Dec 22-27


For any queries, email: info@campk12.com

For any further information, visit here. 

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