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EMB Ambassador Programme by European Marine Board: Apply by Jan 31


The European Marine Board is looking for two new enthusiastic, engaged and creative young ambassadors that are willing to play an important role in advocating for EMB and promoting the role and relevance of marine science and the ocean in general. They will reinforce and liaise with our two current Ambassadors to share experiences and ideas.

Who can Apply

Any PhD or post-doc student (up to a maximum of four years post PhD at the time of application) preferably from an EMB Member Organisation who can show experience in marine-based research, and are willing to use their creativity, imagination, communication and interpersonal skills to help promote EMB activities is welcome!

EMB ambassadors should be able to engage with EMB for a period of 2 years, and thus it is advisable that you should have more than two years left in your studies or Post-Doc. This long term programme will help the ambassador to get involved in the assigned project from the start to finish, and meet and liaise with European and international experts on the project.  Engaging with the EMB ambassador programme should take up ca. 120 hours per year. Applicants should be proficient in English, with a high level of skill in both spoken and written forms.

How to Apply

The application form is available here.

You can apply for the EMB Young Ambassador Programme by sending the following information to info@marineboard.eu:

  • Your CV;
  • The filled out application form including a short description on how you believe the ambassadorship could impact your career and what you would contribute to promoting the work of EMB; including a recommendation and/or approval from their supervisors to engage in the EMB Young Ambassador programme.

The EMB ambassador programme creates a unique opportunity to:

  • network with European and international senior marine science and policy experts from EMB member organisations and wider stakeholder networks;
  • attend and participate in high level expert marine science events;
  • put into practise your intercultural, networking, project planning and professional skills in real science communication projects;
  • receive first hand updates on our progress and insight into our future plans and hot topics;
  • help promote ocean literacy and gain the satisfaction of making the world a better place;
  • receive a grant of up to 2,000 EUR spread over the 2-year period; and
  • be listed as a young ambassador on the EMB website.
Application Deadline

January 31, 2020


Email: info@marineboard.eu

For more information, click here.

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